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Snoring of your Partner

Worried about partner’s snoring try these remedies

Worried about partner’s snoring

Everyone dreams of deep sleep as they lay in bed at night after a full day’s fatigue. In such a situation, if the snoring of your partner tries to break this dream, then anger is bound to come. Most of the time the snoring of your partner also becomes the reason for mutual aggression. If you are worried about your partner’s snoring, you can try these home remedies and you will feel the difference.

Actually, snoring comes due to too much fatigue or a blocked nose. There are other health issues that crate snoring likewise overweight, taking too much alcohol, any chronic allergies, and bad sleeping patterns. In such a situation, these things present in the kitchen will quickly remove your problem.

Mint oil

You can gargle by adding a few drops of mint oil to the water before bedtime. By doing this, swelling of the nasal pores is reduced and breathing will be easier. If you want, you can also sleep by applying mint oil near your nose. It will ease out your breathing issues.

Olive oil

Very few people know that how Olive oil is a reliever of snoring problems.  The elements present in olive oil relieve the difficulty in breathing. If you consume it with honey before going to bed at night proves beneficial. You need to take 8-10 drops of Olive oil and mix with ½ teaspoon honey while going to bed. After a few days, you will feel the difference.

Ghee (Pure Cow Ghee)

Ghee has been considered as one of the effective remedies to stop snoring. It is present in everyone’s kitchen. Make the ghee lukewarm before going to bed at night and with the help of a dropper, pour one or two drops of it into the nose. Doing this every day will make a difference to you. This is the easiest solution and your partner’s snoring problem will be resolved.

Tea tree oil

You can steam for ten minutes by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to the water in case of snoring due to a blocked nose. This will open the nose. This helps when snoring is happening due to cough and cold. 


Drink a mixture of cardamom or its powder in lukewarm water before 20 minutes of going to bed every day. By doing this daily, the problem of snoring is overcome. It’s an excellent decongestant and expectorant. Cardamom clears the passage of air along the respiratory tract so that you get relieved from snoring.

Turmeric milk

Turmeric is considered the panacea for most problems. Drinking turmeric milk, half an hour before bed every day helps to get relief from the problem of snoring.


Honey is an effective way to get rid of snoring. For this, drink honey mixed with lukewarm water every night. This gives you relief from breathing problems.

Last but not the least, very affectionately asks your partner to go for light exercise and do yoga to get permanent relief from snoring.  Always eat healthy and light food before going to bed and enjoy noiseless sleep.

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