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Vitamin D is important for Health

Why Vitamin D for mental health and physical fitness?

When we start feeling mentally and physically exhausted, it is of utmost importance to check Vitamin D levels in the body. The deficiency of Vitamin D leads to many health disorders. It silently starts killing you day by day. Why Vitamin D for Mental & Physical fitness? The lack of Vitamin D leads to weakening bones and the disease which relates to Osteoporosis and more…

Why Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a secosteroid (fat-soluble) that is responsible to absorb calcium, magnesium, and other vitamins in the body. The other compounds of Vitamin D are Vitamin D2 (Calciferol) and Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol). Basically, these are responsible for the absorption of calcium in the body and prevent rickets disease (usually found in children) and osteomalacia in men/women.

Vitamin D deficiency | Symptoms and Diseases

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms are very prominent and it causes so many major diseases in humans. You do not feel refreshed all day. Its implications are visible when your body gets exhausted when you wake up in the morning. You feel irritated and the cognitive area gets ambiguity in expressing thoughts. Vitamin D deficiency is also termed Hypervitaminosis D / Low Vitamin D.

The deficiency leads to many diseases like;

  1. You easily get infected and sick/ weak immune system.
  2. Feel fatigued and easily get tired.
  3. Body aches and back pain (most of the people feel pain calf muscle and pain in ankle)
  4. Depression, Stress, and mood swing
  5. Bone loss / deformed bones
  6. Gradual hair loss
  7. Muscle pain / Cramp in muscle
  8. Less absorption of cholesterol
  9. Cardiovascular issues
  10. When you do not take proper care of Vitamin D then at the later stage your bones get weak and fragile.

Who are at higher risk of Vitamin D deficiency?

Due to changing lifestyles and irregular exercise or fewer physical activities people are at higher risk of Vitamin D deficiency.

  • Those who are less exposed to sunlight. People who work in an air-conditioned office and wake up late in the morning.
  • People who have dark skin color which has less potential to absorb sunlight.
  • People who have osteoporosis
  • Those who are suffering from chronic liver and kidney disease.
  • Those who are suffering from hyperparathyroidism
  • The breastfeeding mother should take care of because the mother’s milk is a poor source of Vitamin D. The newborn baby needs approx 400 IU of Vitamin D each day.
  • People who have undergone gastric bypass surgery should take the optimum amount of Vitamin D.

Where to get Vitamin D?

There are few foods that contain an ample amount of Vitamin D:

 Fatty fish are a rich source of Vitamin D such as Salmon, Herring, Sardines, Tuna, Mackerel, Cod Liver Oil, Oysters, and Shrimp, etc. The yolk of Eggs is a rich source of Vitamin D.

If you are vegan, then the supplements of Vitamin D can be taken with Calcium optimum absorption in the body.

You should always spend a minimum of 30 minutes in sunlight in the early morning. If you get exposed to sunlight in the morning session your body gets the requisite amount of Vitamin D of that particular day. You feel energetic and work tirelessly the whole day.

Daily work out in the morning is very important in balancing other vitamins and hormones for a healthy life.

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