Why Cucumber Is Good For Health?

Cucumber belongs to Cucurbitaceae family and other kinds of melon which is highly enriched with Vitamin, water content and low in calories. It has a very refreshing taste and especially in hot season it keeps your body cool and fills your thrust. It helps to reduce your weight and lowers cholesterol level if taken with Gourd juice.

Why Cucumber Is Good For Health?



Cucumber can be taken at breakfast. It is a rich source of Vitamins, Minerals, and water-soluble fibres. It has a rich source of Vitamin-B which improves your lethargicness. Vitamin C improves the swollen eyes due to late night jobs and hangover. Cucumber helps to fight inflammation and improve your skin texture. It’s a coolant and keeps the body’s temperature in a moderate way and energize throughout the day. So, we must include cucumber in our daily breakfast or we can add it on our regular diet.  The following major benefits for health are being shared for our readers.

Why Cucumber Is Good For Health?

Cucumber’s Major Health Benefits

  • Cucumber nourishes skin gives a boost to skin texture. It cleans your body, eliminates toxins from your body and keeps the body hydrated. Cucumber’s paste eliminates the dark circle under your eyes. It reduces the floppiness of your eyes due to an excessive hangover and late night working pressure.
  • In summer it is very beneficial and suffices your water intake. Cucumber contains 70% water and rest fibres. Apart from that cucumber is enriched with Vitamins(A, B, C, K) Minerals (Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium and Copper) and also contains antioxidants which are very essential in lowering fats, keeps you fresh, lower the risk of heart diseases, controls blood sugar, maintains blood pressure and protects your body from heat stroke.
  • The major benefits can also be seen that cucumber maintains the pH level of your body and flush out free radicals from your body as the water is of alkaline nature. Sometimes people go for cucumber water and drink it on a regular basis which keeps your body’s alkalinity maintained to fight with major diseases. As we know, if we intake alkaline water you are 80% away from several diseases.
  • The other benefits of cucumber are to make hair shiny and thick. The beauty experts/hair experts suggest cucumber packs for hair. If you mix Coconut Oil / Olive Oil with cucumber water and slowly rub this mixture on your scalp gently, it gives you relaxation and makes cool and strengthen your hair roots and nourishes the scalp.
  • If cucumber taken along with peels is very much effective towards reliving the stress level and it’s a ‘Stress Buster’ we can say.
  • Cucumber contains fisetin, lutein, caffeic acid and other phytochemicals which has the power to reduce or kill the symptoms which causes cancer and other blood-related diseases. These micronutrients and antioxidants eliminate free radicals and maintain the immunity of your body.


Therefore, we must say that Cucumber is a great vegetable which has numerous health benefits and we should always add it in our diet plan to keep fit and fine.

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