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Magnesium for our Health

When the Magnesium level goes down?

When the magnesium level goes down in your body, you are the risk of being depressed, feel headaches, nervousness, and mod Swing. Sometimes irritation in behavior is being easily sensed among the young generation. It shows that your body requires magnesium and this is the time to be alert… Read more on this.

What is Magnesium?

We all know that magnesium is an important mineral to the body’s function. It works as a catalyst towards more than 300 biochemical reactions i.e. Enzyme regulation in the body, to maintain muscle and nerve function, balancing blood glucose level, and regulate blood pressure.

Magnesium helps in creating an energy level in the body, formulates proteins in the body, repairs DNA and RNA too, helps in muscle tightness, helps regulates nervous systems.

What happens when the magnesium level goes down in the body?

Early signs of Nausea, Vomiting tendency, Loss of Appetite, Fatigue, Weakness, Sleepless night, Depression, Fluctuating BP, Irregular Heartbeats, Muscle Cramps, Weak Bones, Osteoporosis, Cognitive Imbalances, Migraine Headaches are the indications of low magnesium level in your body.

Our younger generations are the main sufferer!!

Our new generation generally skips the nutritional diet and usually goes for fast foods as they have late-night works and hectic work pressure. Young people give less attention to physical activities and ignore the early wake-up. Excessive work pressure creates anxiety and stress among people is seen these days. In this process, they skip to give proper attention to their health and getting inflicted gradually with many diseases. They often forget to have a proper diet due to overindulgence at the workplace and traveling issues.

Experts have expressed their concerns that people in India do not eat enough magnesium enriched foods which implicate major health issues majorly in osteoporosis, behavioral changes, and cardiovascular problems. These are increasing day by day among adults as well as in elderly people.

Magnesium for your Health and Fitness

Magnesium works more than an antioxidant in synthesizing DNA and RNA in our body. It plays a major role in the proper absorption of potassium and calcium in every cell in the body which maintains and regulates the nerve impulse conduction, flexibility in muscles, and normal functioning of the heart.


Magnesium is important for health

Magnesium is a prime mineral for bone formation and gives strength to it. Young people should give proper attention and maintain the level of magnesium so that the growth of bones could be maintained.

It is vital to maintain enough magnesium levels in the body during childhood when the bones are still in the developing stage.

The proper blood flow is maintained and blood pressure gets normalized if we take the optimum amount in our diet.

Magnesium improves your immune system and produces energy to keep you healthy. It improves cognitive performance and works as a kernel between mind and body. If we feel low and have ambiguity in the thought process, then we must check our magnesium level.

People who consume less than the recommended dose of magnesium are more likely to have tenderness indications, in turn, they get associated with the above-mentioned changes in the body.

Therefore, it’s time to check your magnesium level and start taking magnesium enriched foods and if required.

Magnesium helps in boosting workout performance and rejuvenates tissues and cells. It helps athletes and sportsperson in maintaining their rhythm.

It gives flexibility and activates adrenaline and pituitary hormones.

What to eat when you have a magnesium deficiency?

If you have a magnesium deficiency, then the following foods you must include in your diet.

Avocado, Spinach, almonds, cashew nuts, whole wheat grain, banana, and peanuts. You may also have chickpeas and soya beans. Those who are non-vegetarian can go for salmon and tuna fish.

We can also opt to have supplements after consulting experts or doctors.


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