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Tips to control high blood pressure permanently

The fast-paced life, work pressure and frantic lifestyle, imbalanced eating pattern and fewer workouts lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. The high blood pressure can trigger anyone and at any stage to any individual. Be it the young generation, mid-age people or an older one, no one is left. In some cases, young children also get inflicted with high blood pressure.

The blood pressure is also genetic and hereditary and sometimes it starts at a very early stage or in the middle stage or in the latter part of life too. Basically, it depends on your lifestyle, stress and irregular eating pattern which are clubbed with junk foods.  Here we will discuss eleven ways to control blood pressure permanently. The high blood pressure is very dangerous for your health and it directly affects your heart and will put you a higher risk of stroke.

Here we are giving you 8 tips to control your blood pressure or can lower blood pressure and keep it in normal movement according to your age.

Tips to control your high blood pressure

1. Lose Weight

If you want to control your blood pressure then keep control of weight. Being overweight increases your chance of high blood pressure because you feel discomfort and disrupted breathing when you are sleeping it is due to obstructive sleep apnea. In this condition, the muscle of your tongue is more relaxed and it touches the throat muscle where the airway gets blocked and you feel snoring. As we know snoring indirectly impacts on weight gain because disrupted breathing and interrupted sleep drag you towards eating more foods.

So keep control of your fats around belly and waistline areas where it gets accumulated easy and helps in weight gain. Too much fat around your waist area can put you at a higher risk of high blood pressure which is very dangerous.

2. Regular Yoga and Exercise

If you are overweight and suffering from high blood pressure then before starting any yoga or exercise please do consult your doctor or health consultant or yoga instructor. For a healthy body, balanced blood pressure and active mind the combo of Yoga and Exercise is very much required.

According to the age and body capacity, you must do these Prananayaam (Indian Yoga) and Yogic Kriyas to control your high blood pressure. 1. Bhastrika 2. Kapalbhati 3. Vahya Pranayam 4.Ujjai Pranayam 5.Anulom-Vilom Pranayam 6.Bhramari Pranayam 7. Udgeet

These all have to do all together for a minimum of 30 minutes and at least 150 minutes in a week to be fit and fine.

Those who do not get much time must do at least Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom, Bhramri and Meditation of any of your beloved deity/guru to whom you follow irrespective of religion.

Those who do not go with Yoga may opt for cardiovascular exercise (tread meal), and others like walking, jogging, brisk walking, cycling, and swimming. In all of them, swimming is a very good exercise for overall health development.

3. Go for a healthy diet

Those who are suffering from high blood pressure and extra weight then must give proper attention to your diet. Avoid fried things and leave irregular habits of eating. Go for a diet that is rich in whole grain (whole grain flour), mixed Dalia, Vitamin C, and Potassium-rich fruits.

Always take foods on time and make your time table and stick to that. Go for nuts like almonds, walnut, fig, etc. Eat them in the evening as snacks but in optimum quantity.

Always consume Sweet Lime juice as it has a good amount of potassium which maintains sodium level. It keeps a good flow of blood pressure in arteries and protects it from unwanted lipids.

4. Maintain sodium level through diet

If you going to reduce even a small amount of sodium in your diet then it will improve the health of your heart and reduce blood pressure dramatically about 5-6 mm Hg if you are having high blood pressure. If you really want to see a good result then you must say bye-bye to processed foods rather you should go for natural foods and intake sea salt in place of white salt. Try to reduce sodium gradually in your diet so that the balance of salt be maintained for a longer period and it may adjust other minerals according to the individual’s health balancing capacity.

5. Control on alcohol drink

As we know the alcohol can be good and bad for your health if it is taken in moderation. Drinking alcohol in a limit is good for your heart and also reduces blood pressure by about 5mmHg. You may take one drink (60 ml) per day to maintain your blood pressure and heart as well. But, we shall try to avoid as much as we can.

Drinking more than the prescribed or moderate amounts of alcohol will raise the blood pressure level which is going to be bad for your health and it will affect heart health too.

6. No smoking

If you want to control high blood pressure then you must quit smoking. As and when you smoke a cigarette it increases your blood pressure many minutes after you finish the same. Once you quit smoking there is a good chance to reduce your heart problem and it will improve your health in a broader spectrum. SO, quit smoking and reduce your high blood pressure.

7. Reduce your Stress level

Stress is the main factor that increases blood pressure. Today’s hectic lifestyle and working culture mount pressure and gradually it turns into stress due to deadline factors at your workplace. In this condition, you like to smoke and sometimes you opt alcohol which suddenly increases your blood pressure as you are already in stress.

8. Be happy and spend time with Nature and opt Ayurveda

It has been seen that people get less time to connect with nature due to changing lifestyles and do not introspect about the purpose of life and stay away from nature. We are born to live for a purposeful life and nature id the main contributor in this journey. As much we come closer to this beautiful creation our health’s parameter will be aligned and we can feel completeness. For a healthy life, we must integrate ourselves with nature’s bliss and try to connect with mediation which balances our hormones and aligned our thought process for positive ambiance. It will control our cognitive thought towards positive thinking and help us to reduce our stress level. The positive vides controls our body and regulate blood pressure. We need to opt for Ayurvedic medicines or therapy to purify our body and say goodbye to many diseases. Ayurveda helps immensely in curing such chronic diseases and rejuvenate our system with its holistic approach.

Keep reading and be healthy and happy !! Samudrraa Gupt, Blogger




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