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Sugar Cane For Skin Care | Your Skin Specialist

The changing lifestyles and eating habits have been tremendously changed over time. We have adopted western eating pattern and given less attention towards workouts. Our modern nutrition system has been completely overlapped the traditional food and physical activities. The impact is very obvious where numerous health issues are evolved. People are suffering from various diseases while eating junk foods and pay less attention to ancestral foods. In India, the cases of obesity, weight gain, skin diseases, and diabetes are increasing day by day.

But now the awareness among people has been flared-up to opt those foods which are rich with minerals and vitamins. We have started giving attention to those foods that had been considered less nutritious are now being consumed on a priority basis. It is due to the research and mature guidance from our senior family members. In those foods, Sugar Cane is one of them.

Sugar cane is your skin specialist and does wonder. It improves your skin texture, enhances complexion, makes glow to the skin, lifts wrinkles, removes acne and scars very easily.

In both conditions, Sugar Cane is very much beneficial and give amazing results. We will try to understand the nutritional value or which vitamins, proteins and minerals and its impacts on Skin.

Nutritional Facts of Sugar Cane


Now the question is how it rejuvenates skin?

The answer is here now…you can go through and understand how much it is beneficial for skin as well s your health.

Sugar Cane for Skin Care

Sugar Cane juice helps in many ways to hydrate your skin, reduce blemishes, lifts wrinkles and fine lines, and cures acne. It has amazing effects on aging and rejuvenates skin optimally. These are major benefits of Sugar Cane Juice.


Sugar Cane for Skin Care

  • Re-Hydrates Skin – If you feel that your skin is losing its natural hydration then sugar cane certainly comes in rescue. Its natural ingredients work amazingly on the skin and make your skin hydrated and moisturized. It smoothens your skin naturally.

How to use it?

Apply sugar cane juice on your face with a cotton ball and leave it for 2-3 hours. After that, you can wash it and feel the difference. You will get amazed.

  • Reduce Blemishes – Blemishes could be any type of mark, spots and unnatural colors on the skin. It upsets you emotionally and increases your de-motivation level. Sometimes it may be a signal for chronic skin disease. But, no need to worry!

How to remove it?

You need to put some sugar cane juice with a cotton ball on the face. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and the wash. Use soft cotton cloth to clean your face. You will feel the difference.

  • Cures Acne – For any teenagers acne is very frustrating and painful once it strikes. They feel embarrassed and emotionally distressed. Sugar Cane juice helps reduce acne and if it is used in a continuous process then you get rid of acne. For better result, it can be consumed on a regular basis to improve the metabolism process. Sugar cane is a rich source of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) like glycolic acid which is responsible to increase fresh cells in the body and gradually old cells are removed from the body.

How to use it for Acne?

Take a ½ cup of Sugar Cane juice, ¼ cup of cucumber and 1 teaspoon Multani Miiti. Mix them very well in a consistent mode. Now apply this pack on your face and you can put it on the upper to lower side of the neck. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then wash with a soft cotton cloth. You can do this process twice in a week if you have major issues with acne. Otherwise, you can use this face mask 4 times in a month to get optimal relief.

  • Anti-aging and Wrinkles – What happens if you see an early sign of aging? You simply get surrounded by negative thoughts and feel setback that you have lost everything. Now you have come into the category of old people. But we assure you do not get upset and try to include sugar cane in your regular diet. This ancestral food plays a major role in the body’s rejuvenation and makes you look young. Basically, it improves your metabolism process and eliminates free radicals from your body. It also helps rejuvenate Liver and Kidney and flush out the hard metals from the body. A glass of Sugar Cane is very much enriched with antioxidants, phenolic compounds, and flavonoids which are useful in softening and tightening of the skin. It moisturizes your skin and makes skin glow. So, don’t think..start taking and feel the changes on your face.
Skin Glowing and Skin Whitening

Sugar cane juice could be an ultimate choice for your Skin Glow and Skin Whitening. You need to take 1 glass of juice and squeeze 1 lemon juice in that. Add some black pepper and rock salt to make it tasty. As you know the sugar cane juice is enriched with antioxidants and other minerals which help improving skin color/texture. The vitamin C boosts the glutathione in the body which is naturally evolved that helps in skin whitening. Once you start taking it on a regular basis you will feel the difference of skin texture and its shining. There are few brands which products are absolutely amazing like FOREST ESSENTIALS’ Body Polisher (an ayurvedic preparatory) and KAMA AYURVEDA’s soap can be a good choice for your skin care.

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