Stress Management with Yoga

Stress Management with YOGA !

In today’s fast life and hectic work schedule at the working place, we often find ourselves perplexed or in a cumbersome situation fighting our ongoing personal or external issues. There could be many reasons for the stressed life, but at some point in time, we feel exhausted and de-motivated while encountering such pathetic moments. Stress Management with Yoga and Gaytri Mantra can elevate our thinking process and balance our lifestyle. My intent to share a few general observations about the fast-changing lifestyle is to make you understand how we get to indulge our actions and find in an inescapable situation.

From the last 15 years, I have been observing the changes in lifestyles where the aggressive technological revolution has truly molded our performance and pushed us to become more productive with cutting edge competitiveness. In this transition, we lost our identity and it has been caged in this fast-changing world.

There may be other factors that may not be directly associated with us but we get indulged without any reason. It is human nature and most of us fall prey to other problems. Why does it happen? Have we ever tried to understand it?

I know…most of you will answer in negative. I tell you, It is because we from the inner side always been tied up with emotions and catch other problems to resolve for their happiness. But, in most situations, we feel helpless and fighting with our own issues. We have created an ambiance of illusion and unrealistic atmosphere of our relationships (personal or professional). Although we know our unending desire to achieve more and more material things in our life to showcase our persona is simply a temporary relief and it is not a final destination. An unflinching quest to become superman kills us day by day. To get rid of this perplexing situation we shall try to embrace positivity and realistic attitude to conquer the negativity for a blissful life.

Why we always strive for the best score and to get applauded? It is because we intentionally cross the limit when our body and the cognitive area do not allow going beyond the boundary line of our inbuilt resistance/potential…. but who cares?

Reason is…the unrealistic attitude of competitiveness to excel and put behind others is very high among the new generation and that’s why we are getting trapped in a stressful life and spoiling our cognitive performance.

Hey Guys……we can overcome all these problems while changing our lifestyle and controlling our breathing. It is a small practice if done regularly for 5 minutes whether it could be your place or at home, you will get good results from day one. For a healthy body and mind, we need to do work out and go to the gym to make our body fit and fine. Doing exercise / Brisk Walking / Gyming is very much required for a fit body and cool mind.

But, if we synergize ourselves with Yoga then we sense a miracle.

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YOGA teaches stress management. Through yoga, we control our breathing and get relief from stress on a physio-functional level which improves our cognitive performance and de-stress ourselves. It increases our productivity in the workplace also.

What does our body do? (In a general)

Our body has been created with such magnificent organs and been channelized with a perfect nervous system to regulate the process of digestion, pumping of the heart, blood flow which happens automatically and being managed without any external objects.

The controlled breathing process can balance our emotions and physiological state of body or mind to get relaxed, de-stressed and become more productive and calm for the all-round development.

Stress Management with Yoga – How YOGA benefits?

We need to understand that what is “Yoga” and how to manage stress management?  In a simpler term, we know it is a combination of Body, Mind, and Soul where we connect our self through controlled breathing and simple exercise to get relax and align all these in one direction that is “Positivity and Purity of Inner Conscience”.

If we talk about Yoga in the Indian context it is thousands of years of practice to connect you with God and become one to assimilate yourself through different Karmas and Yogic practices. I will write complete blog on YOGA separately in the coming days. Here, I will focus on how to do simple meditation and small “Yogic Kriya to connect yourself to get relief from stress and eliminate your negative thoughts. We all know inhaling and exhaling process

As per Yoga’s term, it is called “Anulom (Inhale) and Vilom (Exhale)” is called “Pranayama” which controls our Swans Pranali (Breathing System) and keep stress free and calm to enjoy the life keeping sound health. It is our ancient life balancing & rejuvenating system which now the world has accepted to be healthy and fit. We should be proud of that.

In English terms, it is a Breathing pattern (Inhale and exhale) that works between “Parasympathetic state” which means our body goes in a state of rest and relaxation on the other hand in “Sympathetic state” which works on the ready-to-rumble state of fight-or-flight….as per the experts.

  • To increase productivity at the workplace ……do 4-5 minutes’ daily

Follow these steps which are being mentioned below;

Step 1 – Sit in a comfort style keeping your body straight and give your space to your feet in an appropriate position.

Step 2 – Suppress your right nostril with your right-hand thumb and inhale through the left nostril slowly-slowly. Hold the breath for a second and now suppress your left nostril with the right-hand ring finger and release your breath slowly-slowly till you feel relaxed. *The inhaling and exhaling should be equally balanced at a very slow pace.

Step 3 – Repeat the above process with left nostril and complete the cycle.

It can be done every day for 4-5 minutes at the workplace on a regular basis. These days most of the corporate have introduced Yoga practices to reduce the stress level to their employees. With changing lifestyle and increasing workload when you feel stressed and exhausted the practice of yoga helps to reduce all these symptoms and make you healthy and wise.

Results: – Stress Management with Yoga is possible. You can feel the positivity from day one. The negativity and burnout situation goes off.  You will realize there is positive energy started flowing into your body. Your mind starts thinking positive with improvised thoughts. At the workplace, you become calm and composed of your positive attitude which can be sensed to your peers and subordinates as well.

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  1. I have read this blog…quite good information on Yoga…we all should do for good health….write more like the way you write….thank you so much.

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