Fitness for 2020

Fitness mantra for-2020

What did we learn about fitness and lifestyle in 2019?

The year 2019 was very inspirational for all of us. We all saw tremendous enthusiasm among the people who got infused in Gyming and practicing yoga to eliminate negativity and prepare their bodies to fight with diseases. They gained relevant knowledge and adopted Yoga and Gymining for their fitness mantra for 2020.

We all have inexorably gone through ups and downs in our life in 2019 and one thing we learned how to keep ourselves healthy in this fast-changing lifestyle, and also exchanged our views with others to be healthy and fit. It has been observed tremendous change when people tried to communicate with their colleagues and friends to make some changes in eating patterns and to follow some fundamental changes in their daily life to maintain good health.

Here, we try to know that what shall be our fitness mantra for 2020, and how we can achieve it with our strong determination, will power and self-control.

Some tips to be healthy, energetic and filled with positivity !!

  1. Take a pledge that you stand out for truth and will not get indulged in procrastination.
  2. You will set your goal whether it could be long term or short term but shall be realistic and measurable.
  3. Follow your specific plans and try to motivate yourself, because you are your best teacher.
  4. Make your regular habit to go for Exercise / Gyming or Sun Salutation for at least 40 minutes to keep fit and release your negative thoughts to leverage your positivity.
  5. Always go for the right food which is enriched with vitamins, proteins and other minerals (if possible go for organic foods), minimize your junk food and take plenty of water which maintains your ph level and eliminates toxic metals from your body. Foods taken on right time will nourish your body and protect from any disease.
  6. Always keep track and maintain calories intake per day to keep the body active and so that you don’t feel exhausted and can focus on your work diligently.
  7. Make your inclination towards Ayurveda therapy and try to minimize stress levels. I can understand that current working culture and lifestyle attract stress and tension but it can be averted with our will power and self-motivation. You can or may opt for meditation for almost ½ an hour daily to overcome these so-called stress and tension.
  8. Try to maintain a healthy discussion and always focus on your goals and that shall be your main target to propel yourself as a brand.
  9. Engage yourself always with positive thoughts and try to put your gadgets at least 1 hour before going to bed, spent some quality time with your family, friends, and relatives make yourself a distance with digital amnesia & disruptive lifestyle. Because the gadgets and social media have hijacked our relationships and we have become more unrealistic self-centric.

Be always positive and create awareness of life balancing approach through self-actualization and care your health with our best wishes for 2020.

Fitness-2020 from CYH

Herewith, I would like to encapsulate that kindly follow my earlier blogs on Yoga, Gyming & Foods on health and fitness to just a recap that how you can heed your health and follow my fitness mantra for 2020.

Samudrraa Gupt, Candidly Yours


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