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Top Two Amazing Fruits

Orange and Apple: Top Two Amazing Fruits

How do fruits make you crazy in reducing fat and help with weight loss? Do they help glow your skin, control hair loss? Orange and Apple are the top two amazing fruits that help to protect our bodies from so many diseases. Here, we will get to know why these two amazing fruits are important for health.

Why orange and apple are amazing fruits?

The below information will throw some light on the benefits.

I often go through these questions on a social media platform and have verbal interactions with my friends. We always see passion, aggression, and curiosity among those who suffer from fluctuating thoughts, depression, skin problems, hair fall, dullness, constipation, obesity, belly fat, etc.

We desperately move here and there just to know which fruit makes them fat-free and helps them in releasing stress, controlling hair fall.  It gives optimum energy, improves cognitive ability. People usually share thoughts and their experience of losing weight or reducing fat when they start taking seasonal/regular fruits regularly.

Fruits are the most valuable and healthiest food given by Nature to us. Most of the fruits are high in fiber and low in calories that’s why they give more energy and balanced your body’s elements.

They help reduce your stress level and increase your energy level, maintain the levels of vitamins, minerals and eliminate toxic elements from your body.  It has amazing benefits to reduce body fats and protect us from various chronic diseases. It helps in controlling high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Researchers have found that eating fruits regularly in a moderate way may reduce your excess body fats and make your skin glow.

Your skin texture improves and it becomes silky and shining. Here we get to know how orange and apple give us fruitful results when taken on a regular basis.


Orange is rich in fiber and loaded with Vitamin C. It has more than 60 different flavonoids and almost 170 plus photochemical. These elements (photochemical) have anti-inflammatory properties and have brilliant anti-oxidant effects on your body.

Try to use orange in the form of juice or clubbed with fruit salad, it absolutely gives an amazing result.

  • It boosts your glutathione level in the body which is a master anti-oxidant and helps to glow your skin, reduce hair fall, and improve the density of hair.
  • It gives extra shine to the hair, improves skin texture, lowers cholesterol, improves your resistance level, reduces your extra fat, and cleanses your body naturally
  • The orange peels are being used for cosmetics. The skin specialist suggests orange peels in enhancing skin texture, to remove scars and pimples.
  • It protects your face and maintains the moisture level in changing weather, especially in the winter season.


We have heard the phrase i.e. “An apple a day keeps doctors away”.

  • It is a fact and we must include this fruit in our regular diet. Especially, I recommend to all parents that they should give an apple (small/medium) to their children daily in their breakfast/lunch.
  • For the growing children, it is of utmost importance to maintain their stamina, healthy mind and be free from a stomach disorder (constipation) due to bad eating habits of junk food and irregular sleeping time.
  • Most of the growing young children are being affected by changing lifestyles and less physical activities. So, they must take an apple to improve their metabolism and healthy mind and body. 
  • It is the ultimate fruit that is highly enriched with antioxidants, dietary fiber, and phytonutrients which help to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. It is enriched with Vitamin, uplifts energy level, eliminates free radicals to keep the heart healthy.

An apple juice (not packed) if taken on a regular basis gives fantastic results to those who are “schizophrenic” or have an ambiguous mind.

 Be Healthy and Keep Smiling!


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