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Orange & Almond Face Pack
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Orange & Almond Face Pack-Deyga’s Organic

What do others say about Deyga Orange & Almond Face Pack?

We are using Deyga’s Organic product without any hesitation. Whoever I told about this brand was initially perplexed by Deyga, but after using it, they became enamored with it and now keep it on their wish list. My friends used Orange Almond Face Pack and got relief from tanning, reduced acne, and optimum elasticity in their skin. Almond gives elasticity, improves skin texture, and hydrates for a longer period.

So, I thought, why not write a review of this effective face mask which is completely 100% natural and prepared by a typical process. Let’s take a look at the Orange Almond Face Pack in a nutshell.

Orange & Almond Face Pack from Deyga

Simply reduces tanning, improves skin texture, and gives bright and glowing skin. The product is prepared from 100% natural organic ingredients which contain antioxidants that improve the elasticity of the skin, rejuvenate and keep you refreshed the whole day. When used as a face mask, orange and almond work wonders. Orange removes skin tanning, keeps skin fairer, and aids in acne reduction.

Packaging of the Deyga’s Orange Almond Face Pack

The face pack has been filled up in a cute small glass jar and the sticker color combination is perfectly blended. Deyga always takes care in the packaging of ingredients as the product is handmade and natural and needs to be packed in such a way so that the essence and effectiveness of the product can remain fresh for a long time.

Ingredients used  

Almonds meals, Sun-dried orange pulps, Turmeric roots, and Skin Cherishing essential oils.

Deyga Orange and Almond Face Mask

Good for: It’s good for ALL skin types and can be used without any hesitation.

How do you use it?

Take one small spoon of powder and add rose water (if you want) or simply freshwater into a paste. Simply apply it to your face and neck. Allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes before thoroughly washing it. After that, just spray toner to keep your skin hydrated.

Kareyourhealt’s observation

However, Deyga’s products are simply awesome and effective. This pack is also effective at removing tanning, slowing the aging process, and making the skin supple and smooth.

But, there is some improvement required as the face mask is a bit thick and lacks consistency in the face. If we put in the optimum amount of rose water, then the issue gets sorted out. Otherwise, it is natural and gives a homemade feeling while applying. The essence of orange is simply awesome.

Quantity & Price: 200 gm @ Rs.420/-

You can easily buy Deyga’s Organic products in India @ 

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  1. This face pack is really can buy without any hesitation…I was using since last 2 months and it really worked.

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