Amla for Health

Indian gooseberry for health

Amla (Indian gooseberry) is known as a super fruit. I personally have given its name as “Super Fruit” due to its amazing health benefits. Indian gooseberry is one of the best fruit which is being used in Ayurvedic medicine for ages and you can simply term it as “Powerhouse of your Health” or can say “Father of Antioxidants”. The health benefits of Indian gooseberry are numerous.

Indian gooseberry is a super fruit because it has double the antioxidant power of Acai Berry and almost 60 times the antioxidant power of the pomegranate, approx 45 times the antioxidant power of blueberries and 14 times the antioxidant power of black raspberries.

Antioxidants – we all should know!

You might know about Antioxidants, but if you are unaware then herewith a small introduction is for your knowledge enhancement.

Antioxidants are enormously vital components of plant foods since they throw out free radicals and hard metals from your body. These free radicals damage your cell membrane, DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) and lipids and affect the central part of the area of the cell. The damaged or affected areas of cells can be termed as “Oxidative Stress”. The more your cells develop oxidative stress; the high the risk for chronic diseases starts developing.

Nutrients in Indian gooseberry (Amla)

[100 gm of Indian gooseberry contains]

Calories – 35, Fiber -5 gram, Proteins -0.5%, Fat -0.1%, Carbohydrate – 13.7g, Calcium-50%, Iron -1.2 g, Vitamin A-  350 IU, Vitamin C- 27 %, Vitamin B5-6 % , Vitamin B6-5% , Copper – 9% , Maganese-7% , Potassium-4% , Fatty acids – Omega 3 fatty acids-49 mg, Omega 6 fatty acids-300 mg, Potassium-325 mg, Selenium

Apart from that, it contains Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Vitamin –B12, Pantothenic Acid, Choline

Antioxidants – Flavanols, Anthocyanins, Aromatic acids, Organic acids

Amazing health benefits of India gooseberry

Health benefits of Indian gooseberry are immense and it is good for your Heart / Cardiovascular health. Vitamin C, Potassium and Omega Fatty acids help reduce LDL and Triglycerides and give strength and thickens arteries of your heart so that cholesterol does not affect the wall of arteries. You can drink Amla and Carrot juice to keep your heart healthy. You can also consume as chutney mix with green coriander and tomato. This combination improvised your metabolism process and keeps liver detoxified.

Indian gooseberry for health

Boost immunity and Anticancer effects – Vitamin and mineral-rich Amla boost your immunity power and help collagen which improves your skin. Amla contains ellagic acid, gallic acid, flavanols and terpenoids which have anti-cancer properties and help prevent cancer. If you take one cup Amla juice mixed with Aloe vera it will rejuvenate your body cells and boost your immunity power.

Good for weight loss – You should include Amla or Indan gooseberry in your diet on a regular basis to see amazing benefits towards improved metabolism and kills your extra fat. For optimum result, you can take one glass juice of Amla(Indian gooseberry) mixed with Carrot, Coriander and a few pieces of tomato at snack time you will find amazing results in a week’s time.

Helps in digestion and remove constipation – Indian gooseberry is a rich source of fiber and you must include in your diet. Fiber helps bowel in eliminating stuck waste products and irritates the function of the bowel so that constipation, acidity, and ulcer type disease do not complicate your health. Amla stimulates the production of acid in the stomach so that hyperacidity gets balanced.

Rich in antioxidants to fight free radicals – Indian gooseberry is enriched with multi antioxidants. As we know antioxidants do wonder in eliminating free radicals and hard metals from the body. Free radicals cause cell damage and create great complexities in the body. Amla helps in reducing oxidation that’s why the chances of the chronic disease do not arise because regular use of Amla protects cellular damage which is called ‘oxidative stress”. The more oxidation happens in your body, the higher the risk for the development of chronic disease will be there.

Good for hair and skin – Indian gooseberry contains plenty of vitamins and other minerals. The vitamin C helps improve your skin as it boosts glutathione in your body which further gives you the glowing skin and makes your fairer day by day. It helps collagen to perform better towards the good quality of the skin and making it tighter and shiny.

Amla or India gooseberry is extremely helpful in hair care. For shiny and good quality of hair, you can mix Amla powder with Heena Powder, Curry Leaf powder, Fenugreek powder and few rose petals in boiling coconut oil. Keep boiling for almost 15 minutes. Once it gets normal you can massage the prepared oil on your scalp for 10 minutes slowly with your fingers and the next morning you can shampoo it. You will see a gradual improvement in your hair quality and its shining. If you use continuously your hair becomes dense and strong.

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