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flaxseeds protect your heart

Impressive Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

Let us understand why flax seeds are so important for our health and why we should use flax seeds in our diet.

What is Flax Seed?

Flaxseed is a seed that is used in food and as well as in medicine. It has light yellow, brown, dark brown, and black colors according to the nature of the season and climate. It is rich in omega fatty acids, fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and protein. Flax seeds have impressive health benefits when it is eaten in the right way.

Flaxseeds have been used for several hundred years and are widely used in various dishes in our kitchens. Ayurveda is used in many types of medicines. Flaxseeds grown in hot countries are considered to be of the best quality.

In India, it is known as Tisi or Alsi and has different regional names. In English, it is called Linseed and the botanical name is Linum Usitatissimum.

flaxseeds plant
                                  Flax Seeds plant

Linseed (Flaxseed) or Tisi is a plant of temperate regions. It has an important place among fiber crops. Thick cloth, string, rope, and sackcloth are made from its fiber. Oil is extracted from its seeds and the oil is used to prepare varnish, paint, soap, thickener, paint.

The shiny seed plants have been growing on this earth for many years and this super plant food is found in almost all parts of the world, but these five countries like Russia, Canada, Kazakhstan, China, America, and India are the major flax seeds producing countries.

Get amazing health benefits from consuming flax seeds, know-how?

There are impressive health benefits of eating flax seeds that you need to know so that you can keep your health in good condition.

The omega 3 fatty acids present in flax seeds benefit you in this way

Flax seeds are rich in natural plant-based antioxidants, one of which is “Polyphenol”. It protects you from heart disease, neurological disorders, and cell damage. It does not allow you to age prematurely and provides your cells with plenty of food, which makes your skin, look young for a long time.

If someone has a weak nervous system or who has symptoms of Alzheimer’s, they should also consume flax seeds in any form, it will benefit them.

Flaxseeds are a panacea for your Heart, you must eat it

We all know that for our heart to function properly, apart from exercise, special attention needs to be paid to the bad cholesterol present in the blood. Because we know that cholesterol is a silent killer and it clogs our arteries, which increases the risk of a heart attack. That’s why we must take flax seeds.

We may take flax seeds powder (on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed) twice a day. It works after you remove bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol i.e. HDL. It slowly clears the clogged arteries, so that the flow of blood in the heart may remain in normal rhythm. Your blood pressure remains under control and the chances of heart disease will be less.

You can consume flax seeds daily by adding them to porridge or you can mix them with flour. If you find it more difficult so you can take the flax seeds powder in the morning on an empty stomach.

Flax seeds reduce the risk of cancer

It has been observed that flaxseeds do not allow the growth of tumors in the body to progress and gradually squeeze it. This is because flaxseeds are rich in a plant compound called lignans. It has antiangiogenic properties so that the tumor may not develop anywhere in the body.

Its consumption reduces the risk of breast, prostate, and colon cancer. The research was done on about 7,000 women who continued to consume flaxseed regularly and their risk of breast cancer was reduced by about 20%.

Flax seeds keep your skin supple, smooth, and glowing

The lignans and omega3 fatty acids present in flaxseeds keep the facial skin hydrated for a long time. Due to its continuous consumption, wrinkles on the face and fine lines around the eyes do not develop for a long time. If you use it in your regular diet, then your skin remains tight, the problem of sagging can also be avoided.

Flax seeds do wonders to those who have dry skin. You can use a nourishing pack of flax seeds to protect skin and its moisturization level. The presence of Omega3 fatty acids helps immensely towards hydration of the skin and prevents dryness. If you apply flax seeds on your face may get rid of skin irritation, rashes inflammation, and redness. Flax seeds nourish skin cells and help in quick healing.

Flax Seeds Face Mask

DIY – Flax seeds Face Mask

  1. Take one spoon of flaxseed powder and add some rose water (Gulab Jal) to form a paste.
  2. Gently apply the paste to your face and leave it for at least 15-20 minutes.
  3. Once it starts drying kindly wash it off and put some light face cream which suits you.

Now you can feel the changes on your face. Flax seeds powder mask simply restricts the pores by reducing the size so that you may see moderate oil secretion that gives suppleness and firmness to your face. You can also see the glowing of the skin as well.

Side Effects of Flax Seeds

Although eating flax seeds benefit your health, but those who do not suit flaxseeds or those who are allergic, do not eat them without consulting a doctor or health expert.

For those who have intestinal issues, pregnant women, or those who are unable to conceive, it is better to consult their doctor before taking it.

Those suffering from low blood pressure or having digestive tract issues should consult a doctor/health expert. If someone has hives or skin itching or dryness, they should also avoid using flax seeds.

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