How To Take Skin Care In Summer Season

In the summer season when the heat is on its peak during the standard period i.e. March to May our skin gets severe problems if we don’t care. In fact, In India, the summer starts from Mid-Feb and it goes till June. But In May the temperature is absolutely on its higher side and stick between 32 to 45 degree Celsius. Now, you can understand how your skin would resist the temperature at this period.

Skin Care in Summer Season

In the summer season when the temperature is high with sweltering humidity gives a reverse impact on your skin. The activity of sebaceous glands gets disturbed. Now what happens, those who have oily skin that becomes oilier and those who have rough skin become rough and patchy. The intensity of Sun’s rays makes your skin tan due to the extra production of melanin pigments. We all know these melanin pigments are responsible to make your skin darker. In this increased temperature usually, it seems many cases of sunburn and rising cases of itching, pimples, and blemishes on your faces.

How to do Skin Care in the summer?

The following tips help you to care your skin in the summer season.

  • Wash your face 3 times daily to clean your face whether you are at home or in office.
  • Choose wisely facial cleanser/face wash according to your skin (Oily or Dry). You can go for ayurvedic or herbal preparatory depending on your choice. There are lots of varieties available in the market like Neutrogena, Pond’s Pure, Lotus Herbal, The Body Shop, Dove Deep Pure Face wash, etc. These products are useful for both types of skins. This will help you to remove extra oil from your skin, keep hydrated and refreshed.
  • Once you have done now good moisturizer can be applied on your skin. The best would be “Aloe vera Gel” which is very good for all types of skin and keeps your skin soft and remove extra oil and dead cells too. For better effect, you can use fresh gel from its leaves and can apply directly on your skin. No, any side effects.
  • Keep your skin hydrated so moisturizers give good effects. Use the face mask according to your skin. Please leave it on 10 to 15 minutes on face and wipe out gently and you will see the stress and fatigue are going away from you.


Skin Care in Summer Season

  • Sunscreen would help you very much in summer when you are out from home or office. Choose the best sunscreen that has broad protection power from ultraviolet rays(UVA and UVB). Once your skin directly in touch of Sun the skin gets damaged and tanning starts visibly. Therefore if you are at home use SPF 30. If you are out then you must go for SPF 50 (sunscreen cream) which keeps your skin in normal condition and protects from sunburn/tanning.
  • There are good varieties of SPF available from renowned brands like Clinique pep-start broad spectrum SPF 50, Lotus Safe Sun 3-In-1 Mattel Look, Lacto Calamine Sun Shield, Lakme Sun Expert Fairness + UV Lotion SPF 50, you can also go for Ayurvedic therapy i.e. Jeeva Summer Pack(7 Jiva Products). The one pack/kit contains 1 unit each of Kesar Ubtan 50gm, Rose Water Plain 100ml, Amla Shampoo 200ml, Amla Hair Oil 120ml, Basil soap 10gm, Cucumber Water 100ml, Carrot Cream 50gm.

If you want to make your skin healthier and maintain skin texture and enhanced color complexion apart from regular maintenance of skin then you can also go for Glutathione (from reputed brands) with Vitamin C. We all know that Glutathione is very much effective in overall body development and especially for healthy skin. Vitamin C boosts Glutathione in your body and keep your skin glow and shining all the time. But, it may be taken under the proper guidance from Skin Experts/Dermatologists

So, summers are around the corner and you must take care of the skin. Cucumber pack do wonders to your skin and keeps hydrate always. It reduces puffy eyes and maintains the smoothness of the skin layer.

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  1. In this scorching heat, all the detail mentioned in the article is really very important. One should definitely take care of their skin summer. Very helpful article, Love reading this.

    1. Thanks a lot, Arpita for your appreciating words. We will surely come with more interesting articles. We have uploaded one more blog on Hair Fall.
      You must go through the same. Keep reading and motivate us!

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