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How to plan morning breakfast?

We all must know a saying that one should eat breakfast like a prince in the morning, eat like a king in the day and eat dinner like a poor man. Have you ever thought about why it is called that?  Lets’ know how we can plan our morning breakfast so that we can lead a life like a prince.

Why morning breakfast?

Our breakfast should be nutritious and full of energy so that our mind and body remain healthy. The heart should get good and timely food so that it keeps beating fearlessly at a normal speed.

A good and nutritious breakfast makes you energized and cheerful. Your digestive system remains in a good condition, and you remain happy throughout the day. If put in one line, breakfast in the morning makes you beautiful from inside and outside.

Healthy Breakfast for All

7 Facts about Morning Breakfast

  1. You must have your morning breakfast within 2 hours of waking up.
  2. Apart from proteins, minerals, it is very important to have iron and fiber in your breakfast.
  3. Be sure to also mix a good amount of green vegetables, fruits, and dry fruits in your morning breakfast.
  4. If you take fruit slides daily in your food, then it is very beneficial for your health.
  5. People who regularly eat a balanced morning breakfast tend to have a normal weight on average and avoid obesity.
  6. If you do morning breakfast on time, then your brain gets an optimum amount of glucose and minerals, so that it keeps functioning well. Your cognitive ability is sharpened.
  7. If you do morning breakfast at the right time, then your face remains glowing for a long time and you live a stress-free life. You have a wonderful smile on your face.

How to plan your morning breakfast?

If you really want your body to be healthy and your ability to fight diseases always remain with you, then you have to make a plan for the whole week and have different variations of breakfast for each day. For this, you will have to arrange all the necessary items i.e. Food items in advance.

  • You must plan in advance what breakfast you are going to have in the morning or what will be your evening snack.  This you have to plan in advance for un-interrupted
  • Choose such food items which are nutritious and beneficial for your health. So that you and your family can enjoy and eat so that you can stay stress-free throughout the day. Avoid any items that affect your mind and digestive system.
  • You must pay attention to the quality of your food and have a different breakfast each day so that you don’t get bored. You should avoid eating only one type of cereal and vegetable. If you eat idli sambhar and Poha every day, then you will get irritated, and start getting stressed. It adversely affects your life.
  • If you live in a joint family, then try that children and elders also become your partner in your morning breakfast together. This improves your mutual harmony and love with each other and will keep you cheerful throughout the day.
  • If someday you have to leave early morning for your meeting or any important work, then never forget to pack your breakfast and take it with you. With this, you can maintain your morning breakfast habit intact even at busy times to have your own homemade breakfast. This will help in keeping you healthy.

What can be eaten in morning breakfast?

In the morning breakfast, you have to take nutritious food which contains items rich in proteins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Because breakfast in the morning will energize your body and will keep you balanced and fit in this running life. Here we are going to list some breakfast variations that you can enjoy a healthy breakfast by planning this a week for yourself.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

These are a few morning breakfast items for those who are Vegans.

  1. Multigrain Roti / Parantha with any green vegetable
  2. Sprouts Salads
  3. Vegetable Dalia /Mixed Cereals Dalia
  4. Upma
  5. Idli Sambhar
  6. Poha ( Simple Poha / Oats Poha)
  7. Uttapam mixed with capsicum, carrot, beans, and peppers
  8. Boiled Green Vegetables
  9. Cornflakes and Milk (You can add banana, apple, strawberry, chikoo, and dry fruits as per your choice)
  10. Chana or Moong Daal Chila

Good Morning Breakfast

Those who are Non-Vegans can have the following breakfast items and also they can opt for the above-mentioned.

  1. Masala or Simple Omelette
  2. Cheese Bread Omelette
  3. French Toast
  4. Egg Paratha
  5. Egg Bhurji Wraps
  6. Chicken Naan Wraps
  7. Lemon Chicken Sandwich
  8. Bacon Mushroom Sandwich

You can also make your own healthy menu/diet to add to your morning breakfast so that you feel healthy, fresh, tension-free, and the whole day charged with positive thoughts.

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