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Orange in winter season

How beneficial is it to eat oranges in winter?

Some of you will probably know how beneficial it is to eat oranges in winter, but there are many of us who might be still unaware of the benefits of eating oranges in the winter season. If we eat oranges in winter, then how does it benefit our bodies?

Although doctors always advise people to consume seasonal fruits, usually people are unaware of their benefits. For now, the winter season has knocked and oranges have started appearing in the market, so why not consume oranges… start now. Let us introduce you to some of its benefits today how beneficial is it to eat oranges in the winter season.

Surprising health benefits of eating oranges in winter

Consumption of oranges is very much beneficial for all of us in the winter season. If you do not know the benefits of oranges yet, then you should know the health benefits of this superfood today. Consuming orange or its juice daily in winter can help in reducing many diseases along with cold and cough and also keeps you refreshed for a long period.

Regular consumption of oranges in a limited quantity has many health benefits. Minerals like Iodine, Potassium, Vitamin A, VItamin C, B complex, Calcium, and Anti-oxidants are found in oranges. It contains fiber too.

One medium-sized Orange [Nutritional Facts]

60 Calories

  • No Fat and No Sodium
  • 3 gms of fiber
  • 12 gms of Sugar
  • 1 gram of Protein
  • 14 mcg of Vitamin A
  • 70 mg of Vitamin C
  • 6% of DV of Calcium
  • 237 mg of Potassium
  • 4 gm of Carbohydrate

You can balance your calorie intake

In winter, people knowingly or unknowingly consume a lot of calories. In such a situation, orange can be very helpful in balancing your calorie level. It is zero fat and calories are also found in very little amount in it. Therefore, you can include it in your diet in any form from morning breakfast to afternoon refreshing juice.

Orange is helpful in getting glowing skin

Vitamin C is found in abundance in oranges and we all know that vitamin C is very good for skin health. It also compensates to a great extent the damage caused by your skin’s constant exposure to the sun and pollution. With its help, the scars on your skin also get reduced significantly.

Orange juice in winter season
Orange juice in the winter season

Orange is rich in Antioxidants

Oranges contain many health-boosting anti-oxidants that give amazing benefits to health. Ascorbic acid and beta carotene present in oranges can also help in reducing the risk of cancer in the body. Orange can also help in getting rid of free radicals from the body. It is pertinent that why antioxidants are important for the body and what their benefits are.

As we summarize, these are chemical substances that help to protect our cells from free radicals; these free radicals are responsible for some serious diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and immune-related problems. That’s why we must take citrus fruits in our food and what can be a better seasonal fruit than an orange.

Controls Cholesterol

In winter, we all often eat fried, roasted, and greasy food, due to which there is a fear of increasing the amount of cholesterol in our body and it happens. Therefore, in the time of winter, our nature has given some such fruits which can keep our body fit and healthy and one of them is orange.

Orange helps in reducing cholesterol in the body as it contains fiber. In addition, the ‘polymethoxylated flavonoids’ found in it reduce cholesterol more effectively. It is believed that this property of orange is more effective than cholesterol-lowering drugs.

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Orange keeps blood pressure under control

Many such properties are also found in oranges which are considered very beneficial in keeping blood pressure normal. By consuming oranges daily, your chances of having BP problems can be greatly reduced. For this reason, health experts also advise people suffering from high blood pressure to consume oranges.

Our doctors and health experts believe that blood pressure increases during the winter and those with high blood pressure should take some precautions in their diet at this time. During this season, oranges are available in the market in large quantities, which contain vitamin C, fiber, and calcium, which is good for the heart. It does not contain sodium at all, which makes it easy to maintain blood pressure, so oranges must be taken at this time.

Orange for good health
Image Source- Internet:  Orange in the orchard

Boosts immunity level

Vitamin C and A found in oranges promote the production of white cells present in our blood, which strengthens our immune system. We all know that citrus fruit promotes our immunity level and orange is one of them.

During the cold season, from children to elders, there is a complaint of common cold, cough, and cold. Along with this, a weak immune system also causes many infections. In such a situation, the consumption of oranges can prove to be very beneficial. Vitamin C present in oranges is known to improve your immune system.

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Helpful in preventing cold and flu

Oranges contain many anti-oxidants which are helpful in protecting against cold and cough. Vitamin C present in oranges is considered effective in removing the problems like colds and cough. By drinking orange juice in the winter season, the immune system can be boosted and common seasonal problems can also be kept away.

Orange is beneficial in arthritis

In winter, there is a problem of pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints of arthritis patients, from which orange can be very beneficial to get relief. Orange may bring relief to gout patients by reducing uric acid from the body. It is also considered helpful in reducing inflammation of the body in arthritis. So, those who have such issues may consume one orange at least to tap control on stiffness and inflammation.

Orange keeps stomach problems away

Heat orange juice and mix black pepper and trunk juice in it. Consumption of this mixture can be very beneficial to remove gas, indigestion, constipation, indigestion, bloating, infection and indigestion in the stomach. Orange is considered beneficial for better digestion.

I hope you might have grasped the info above that how many benefits of eating oranges in winter. So in this season, you must eat oranges and also inspire your friends and relatives to eat oranges. It may enhance your immunity and beauty this winter.

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