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Health Benefits of Moringa Flowers and Leaves

Moringa flowers and leaves contain many other nutrients along with protein and vitamins. If Moringa flowers and their leaves are taken with proper guidance from your health experts you may be able to control many diseases. It helps you to stay healthy and young. In this article, we are very enthused to share some surprising health benefits of Moringa flowers and leaves.

There is a treasure of Ayurveda in Moringa (drumstick) Flowers and leaves. Apart from proteins, beta carotene, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, and antioxidants, it is fully loaded with ascorbic acid, folic, and phenolic compounds. These are useful in the treatment of many lifestyle diseases.

Health Benefits: Moringa Flowers & Leaves

If you want to enjoy life without physical ailments for a long time, then definitely you can have the surprising health benefits of Moringa flowers and their leaves.

Keeps the Digestive System Healthy

To keep the digestive system healthy, it is better to consume drumstick flowers. These flowers are rich in fiber, which helps in keeping your digestive system fine and regulates the digestive enzymes.

Stop Hair Fall

Hair fall is stopped by the consumption of drumstick flowers (Moringa Flowers). Hair grows and dryness ends and their shine increases

For Strong Immunity

To increase immunity, drumstick flowers (Moringa Flowers) can be included in the daily diet as a vegetable, tea, or in any way. The antioxidants present in them help in preventing the effects of harmful free radicals.

Moringa Flowers
Moringa (Sahajan ka Phool)

Helps in Weight Loss

Drumstick flowers also help in reducing weight. These flowers contain an antioxidant called Chlorogenic acid, which helps in burning the excess fat present in the body. An excess amount of fat makes you fat, due to which your body starts gaining weight.

Control Urine Infection in Women

The problem of urine infection is very common in women. To overcome this, make a tea of ​​drumstick flowers and consume it. If women or young girls make it a part of their life, then Moringa also saves them from many infections caused by menstruation.

Good for Lactating Mother

Pregnant women who have problems getting less milk should start drinking dried drumstick flowers or making a decoction of it. The effect will be positive. By the way, the Lactating mother should start using it for the same time when she conceives, there is an amazing benefit.

Helps in Men’s Potency

Moringa(Drumstick) flowers can also be consumed to increase potency in men. By consuming flowers, fatigue and weakness will be removed and strength will develop. It has shown the ability that improves sexual ability in men. The presence of Vitamin A  helps in increasing the sperm count in men, which increases energy and sexual power in them.

Good for Eyes

The Drumstick is also good for the eyes. Those who have eye problems or whose eyesight starts getting weak, then by continuously consuming Moringa flowers and leaves, there is a surprising improvement in their decreasing eyesight.

Benefits of Moringa (Sahjan) Leaves

The best health treasure of Ayurveda is hidden in the leaves of Moringa(Drumstick). Apart from proteins, beta carotene, potassium, and antioxidants its leaves contain ascorbic acid, folic and phenolic compounds. These are very useful in the treatment of many diseases.

To Control Cholesterol

The use of drumstick leaves can protect your heart from the effects of bad cholesterol. These leaves contain a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids that can lower cholesterol levels. It is known to us that increasing cholesterol in the blood increases the chances of a heart attack manifold. Therefore, it is very important to consume Moringa leaves.

Helps maintain High Blood Pressure

Moringa leaves contain a good amount of potassium, which is effective in reducing blood pressure. Potassium regulates vasopressin and this hormone affects the functioning of blood vessels. As we know high blood pressure is very dangerous for health and is the main reason for heart diseases and stroke. So we have to include Moringa in any form into our regular diet to maintain high blood pressure.

Help control Diabetes

Ascorbic acid, folic, phenolic, and more than 40 antioxidants are found in Moringa leaves. The extracts of its leaves have anti-diabetic and antioxidant properties, that’s why they are helpful in reducing the symptoms of diabetes. They may also increase insulin levels and sensitivity, which benefits diabetic patients.

Good for Brain

It contains iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and other substances that are helpful in increasing brain health. Omega-3 is helpful in improving brain function and improves memory.

Moringa Leaves
Moringa Leaves(Sahajan ke Patte)

For Liver and Anemia

The juice of drumstick leaves contains components i.e. Silymarin, which enhances liver enzyme function. This component also protects the liver from early damage.

100 grams of drumstick leaf powder contain at least 28 milligrams of iron, which is much higher than other foods, so it cures anemia.

With its continuous consumption, a person can always remain fit and young. You too must often make this vegetable in your home. They have many medicinal properties, which have been used for centuries in the treatment of diseases.


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