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Health Benefits of Broccoli during Pregnancy

Broccoli is a nutritious vegetable that is considered a superfood for women. Women get many benefits from eating broccoli during pregnancy. Broccoli is very beneficial for women’s health, so it is advisable to include it in a balanced diet of women, but do you know whether to eat broccoli during pregnancy or not?

Know what are the advantages and disadvantages of eating broccoli during pregnancy and how does it affect the pregnant woman and the unborn baby? Herewith, we will elaborate on the benefits of eating Broccoli during pregnancy.

Can we eat broccoli during pregnancy?

Now the question arises can broccoli be eaten during pregnancy? The answer would be “Yes”. See how..

Eating broccoli during pregnancy is absolutely safe and you do not need to worry about consuming broccoli. Apart from this, broccoli contains many types of vitamins and minerals which are beneficial not only for the mother but also for the baby. They help in the development of the fetus and protect it from any disorder.

Vitamin C, like oranges, strawberries, bell peppers, and broccoli, supports the baby’s growth and improves iron absorption. As we know that foods that have iron, such as lentils, green leafy vegetables, beans, and spinach all help the mother’s body in making more blood for both pregnant mother and baby.

Benefits of eating broccoli

The risk of iron deficiency anemia is high during pregnancy. The need for iron is high during pregnancy and it is better to meet it from natural sources. Broccoli is rich in iron and folic acid. By including broccoli in your diet, you can get your daily iron intake.

Constipation treatment in pregnancy

Pregnant women complain of constipation. Hormonal changes, taking iron supplements and other physical changes can cause constipation. Broccoli contains a high amount of fiber which prevents constipation during pregnancy. Broccoli relieves constipation and keeps the digestive system healthy.

Helps in Gestational diabetes that occurs during pregnancy

Pregnant women are at risk of diabetes during the nine months. Diabetes during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. One of the changes that occur in the body is the reduced production of insulin.

Insulin is necessary to break down sugar. In this situation, broccoli can help protect you from diabetes. Broccoli keeps sugar at a normal level, which reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.

It boosts immunity during pregnancy

If the immune system is strong during pregnancy, there is no risk of infections. Broccoli contains beta-carotene, which strengthens immunity. Apart from this, broccoli contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc which makes bones strong. Vitamin A, E, B, and K are present in this vegetable, so taking broccoli in the pregnancy diet keeps the skin healthy.

Improves Eyesight

Broccoli contains phytochemicals that have anti-cancer properties that help prevent cancer cells from forming. Broccoli protects you from cancer not only during pregnancy but also after delivery. Beta-carotene and vitamin A enhance eyesight. Broccoli is rich in both of these things. Eating broccoli daily can reduce the problems related to the eyes.

Broccoli for Skin
Broccoli for Skin

It protects the skin of the pregnant woman

Pregnancy results in increasingly more sensitive skin. The ultraviolet radiations may penetrate easily and cause some skin damage during pregnancy. In such a situation, broccoli not only helps in protecting the skin but also gives a sharp glow to the face of the pregnant woman. It happens due to the various vitamins and minerals such as C, K, B, E, and A that all help towards keeping a healthy skin texture.

How to choose healthy and fresh broccoli to eat during pregnancy?

  • Don’t buy such broccoli that has its florets all dried out or even wilted down.
  • If you find those broccolis that have started developing a bit yellowish or brownish color, then it is a sign of old broccoli or it has reached its maturity level so please avoid it.
  • The stalk of broccoli should be firm and full. If any stem that is hollow or losing its freshness should be discarded.
  • Just like other green vegetables, the broccoli you choose must be fresh with bright or dark green florets. These are signs of fresh broccoli and you must go for it.

Broccoli for Health

How much broccoli should be eaten during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should eat two to three cups of broccoli a day. Broccoli contains many nutrients like sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugar, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium.

Ways to include broccoli in the pregnancy diet

  • You can chop broccoli and steam it up. As per your choice you can add it to your salad or simply have it with sprinkling black pepper (kali mirch) and sea salt. For enhancing your taste you can add a few drops of lemon.
  • Adding fresh and small broccoli that you have already boiled can mix in your soups for enhancing the taste.
  • You can make broccoli parantha and enjoy the morning breakfast.
  • If you want a quick snack, stir-fry the broccoli with some fresh green vegetables, carrots, or corns using olive or canola oil and make it a healthy vegetable for your lunch or at dinner as per choice.

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