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Health Benefits of 5 Amazing Foods

The frenzied work culture, late sitting job, lurking for junk foods and absolve ourselves from the traditional eating pattern and morning walkouts or yogic kriyas is the new mantra of today’s fast-changing lifestyle in this country. The reason is we are not giving proper attention to our traditional foods (vegetables/fruits/cereals etc.) and keeping exercise/yoga at bay. If you want to make yourself healthy, smart and efficient then you must have to eat these amazing foods that will make you strong, healthy and wealthy. It will keep your heart in good condition, make skin glow, no stress, and blood pressure in a balanced condition and help to keep you young at a later stage of life. We are going to discuss the health benefits of 5 amazing foods that play significant roles in our daily life.

Health benefits of 5 amazing foods..we must know!

If you want to be healthy, beautiful and look charming then you must have to take care of your eating patterns and shall opt these 5 amazing healthy foods to keep yourself stress-free, healthy and energetic.

These five (5) foods have numerous health benefits, if these all been taken simultaneously in the morning session before breakfast.

(1) Flex Seeds | (2) Dry Grapes (Raisin/Munakka) | (3) Poppy Seeds (Khas Khas) | (4) Fenugreek (Methidana) | (5) Chick Peas (Black Chana)

Need to take all these before breakfast?


Take one teaspoon each one of these in equal proportion and pour in freshwater. Keep all these in water for the whole night. When you wake up early morning after doing exercise/yoga have these foods along with water before an hour of breakfast.

This can be taken with an empty stomach and must be in your diet chart on a daily basis. These all have wonderful benefits for health and will keep you refreshed the whole day. These are enriched with vitamins, proteins, fibers, minerals, and antioxidants. Now, we will go through the health benefits of 5 amazing foods/seeds.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

  1. Flaxseeds [Alsi]:Flaxseed for cholesterol

It is one of the best healthiest foods in the world. Specially, In India, it is the most favored foods in our rural areas. Flaxseeds are very healthy and have enriched with the following nutrients.

In 100 gram flaxseeds, you get 540 calories approx. It contains no cholesterol rather enriched with a high amount of Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Vitamin-B6, Iron and a good percentage of Dietary fiber.

Potassium gives energy and regulates fluid balance. It may help reduce blood pressure, protect from stroke and maintain kidney function. It is helpful in osteoporosis and makes bone stronger.

  1. Dry Grapes [Raisin/Munakka]Raisin for Skin

These are dried and full of vitamins, iron, and minerals and contains polyphenolic ( a phytonutrient). It is full of natural sugars and great energy boosters. You can definitely rely on raisin / dry grapes to gain physical and mental strength. They are also good for vision and gives strength to eye muscle. It improves the digestive system and helps in constipation. Munkka helps maintain skin texture, keeps them shining and protects cells from degeneration thus you look young till a later stage.

  1. Poppy Seed [Khaskhas]Poppy seeds for heart

The tiny black kidney-shaped poppy seed is found high levels of dietary fiber, vitamins-B and several important minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and zinc, all of which give immense health benefit towards digestion, heart and improve the immune system of your body. Zinc-deficiency, in particular, has been connected to type 2 diabetes and poppy seeds help in controlling the same.

  1. Fenugreek [Methidana]Fenugreek for diabetes

These seeds are very useful in lowering blood sugar level, boots testosterone hormone reduces cholesterol and control on bile formation in the body. It is also good for hairs and skin. It rejuvenates the kidney and detoxifies the liver naturally. Fenugreek reduces menstrual cramps, body fat and helps in maintaining the body in shape. If it is being used on a regular basis it improves eyesight, maintains blood pressure, reduces joint pains, removes wrinkles and slower your aging process. So, go for fenugreek as it has multiple health benefits.

  1. Black Chickpeas [Kala Chana] Balck Chickpeas for health

Black Chickpeas (Kaale Channe) are called a superfood. It is an excellent source of a large number of nutrients including fiber, protein, Manganese, Potassium, Calcium, Iron and others. Post-surgery recommended diet is black grams. It is very much recommended for gastritis, helps reduce excess bile formation, improves your digestive system, helps to control cholesterol and hives strength to heart, keeps you cool in the summer season and reduces body pain. It is enriched with protein, minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, folate, beta carotene, vitamin –K and zinc.

So, add these foods in your regular diet and keep yourself healthy, stress-free and be happy. No more tension !!

2 thoughts on “Health Benefits of 5 Amazing Foods

  1. Need ur help…As u have written to eat these 5Things after work out before breakfast… M lil confused…Before workout I eat banana&almond walnut….After workout I need protein so I eat banana with oats peanut butter etc… so when to take these 5Healthy food?

    1. Hi Monika..thanks for going through the blog. You have asked by when it can be taken. Simply you can have it in the morning session before breakfast or after workouts if you want. I mean to say it can be taken in the morning after exercise or yoga whichever you prefer. It is itself a breakfast diet and works wonder. After having it you may eat with the along with soaked water. After 1-hour you can eat light food or light breakfast.
      Keeps sharing this article so that others may get the benefit.

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