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Sensitive Skin

Harsh ingredients & Sensitive Skin

With changing lifestyle how many products we use to make ourselves look beautiful and to reduce our problems, but doesn’t actually happen rather we see some new issues get evolved. Have you ever thought about why the harsh ingredients affect your skin?

See, It’s time for you to think and consider what are the factors which are damaging your skin which you did not notice knowingly or unknowingly. According to those who have used such products they say, “These are harsh chemicals that trigger your sensitive skin and create different skin problem and which is not good for you”.

I tell you what factors hurt your skin, which brings you under stress and then invites many skin diseases.

Un-natural colors and artificial fragrances

We choose such products for our skin, which are attractive and blow aromatic fragrances. Most of the time we do not know whether natural colors and fragrances have been used in this or artificial colors that are more important to know. The interesting part is that our skin has nothing to do with artificial color and fragrance; rather it causes more harm and triggers skin sensitivity.

Artificial colors and Fragrances

So If you want your skin to look healthy and beautiful, then you have to think of natural processed or handmade products. This will help reduce, maintain and protect the sensitivity of your skin.  Your skin will start looking better and more supple and glow as soon as you start using organic/natural processed products.

Soap or Sabun

There is a particular skincare product which is loved and used by 99%  in all the houses you will find that is “Soap” or “Sabun”.

The soap we use contains hard chemicals that may harm our bodies. It can increase the pH level of the body. You must be aware that the pH value of our blood ranges from 7.35 to 7.45 and it can have adverse reactions if there is a slight change in it. Normally we do not know the pH value of the soap we use, nor do we try to find out.

Soap and Sensitive Skin
Soap and PH Value for the skin

For our body, the pH value of Soap should be from 5.5 to 6.5 but If we cross the range then it will reduce the moisture level of our skin and our skin gets dry, and subsequently, that the risk of skin disease increases. We start facing dryness of the skin, reduced hydration level, itching, and red rashes, etc.

That’s why before purchasing soap, take a quick look at the soap’s ingredient details. If possible, try to use organic, handmade, or herbal soap as much as possible.

Denatured Alcohol (Alcohol products adulterated with toxic additives)

We all know that most skincare products contain almost denatured (unnatural) alcohol content, because of which our skin has to suffer a lot. The presence of unnatural alcohol (ethanol or ethyl alcohol) in the skin products harms our skin. With the use of such skin care products, the hydration level of your skin starts decreasing, the oils in the skin get imbalanced and the skin starts sagging.

When we use harsh ingredients continuously, the skin’s moisture content starts decreasing, our skin becoming dry and lifeless. With the regular use of products containing denatured alcohol, our skin loses its resistance in the changing seasons and those who have sensitive skin become vulnerable to many skin diseases.

Denatured Alcohol for Skin
Denatured Alcohol for Sensitive Skin

Our skin also fails to fight against external diseases, whether it is pollution or the surrounding dust. What should be done to avoid this? Simply, you have to reduce its use to a great extent.

Some good fatty alcohols can be used for the skin to a limit that keeps the skin irritation and dryness under control. You need to choose wisely according to your skin type.

For young, beautiful, and healthy skin, you have to focus on natural resources and processed products so that your skin remains healthy and glowing.

Household Cleaning Materials

We should know that even the materials that we use for cleaning our house contain many harsh chemicals that make our skin dry, irritated, and red. To avoid this, we should wear gloves and keep our faces at a distance. Because chemicals evaporate and coming in contact with them can cause further damage to our sensitive skin.

Household Cleaning Prodcuts
Household Cleansing Materials

In Conclusion

Always use organic and natural alternatives or handmade skin care products that help your sensitive skin and are readily available these days. Most importantly, for glowing skin go for a healthy diet that includes green vegetables, fresh fruits, and juices and do aerobic/gyming and yoga to improve your skin texture and happiness all around. Say, NO to harsh ingredients, and always use organic products for your sensitive skin.

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