Digital Amnesia and Mobile

Digital Amnesia & Disruptive Lifestyle

The excessive use of mobile phones or smartphones can result in digital amnesia and disruptive lifestyle for those who are addicted. I am throwing some light on the unbalanced lifestyle and behavioral changes of today’s youth / younger generation.

What is basically Digital Amnesia and Disruptive Lifestyle?

Loaded with negative thoughts, ambiguous mind, bushed up the body and getting impatient all the time is what toady’s lifestyle. Our younger generation is seized with a fast-changing lifestyle, cross-cultural transformation. They are encapsulated with digital and social media’s revolutionary dimensions. The dimension is not the revolutionary rather disruptive revolution that has changed the complete lifestyle. Mobile and social media are killing us day by day and creating a huge gap between the thought process and attitude. A disruptive lifestyle with mobile and social media has created a vacuum in personal and social life.

I am not a critic about social media and gadget phobia but certainly, it is disheartening to see that it has swapped social ethics and taking us away from social obligations. It is not the issue of the young generation who are getting inflicted but more or less all of us are being victimized.

It has become a part of our daily life and we cannot escape with digital technology but at least we can minimize its usage and make our habit to stay away to get relaxed for a specific period. It will give a direct impact on our eyes and ears as well as protect our cognitive areas in balancing thought processes and behavioral changes.

Why I have touched this topic because the attitude is changing amongst the people, the body language is changed but apart from that, it is being observed the health parameters are going down. People are suffering from weak eyesight and hearing problems, becoming short-tempered, losing patience level, reactive on small issues, memory loss, migraine, dizziness, and cervical spondylitis.

But the counting doesn’t stop here. The three major diseases such as brain tumor/cancer, infertility in men, hearing aid problems are at greater risk. Addiction of the Smartphone could weaken our cognitive area and ability to retain new information and memory loss. Researchers have found that excessive use or continuous swapping of fingers and maneuvering eyes continuously on mobiles may take you towards some major health issues such as headache, impaired concentration, memory loss, and fatigue.

I intend to create some awareness and request them to follow some practices in terms of Yoga and Exercise which will help them to improve health, keep them energetic, to eliminate negative thoughts, enhance their cognitive thought process to reduce stress and anxiety. Always stick with mobile and ear lid can damage your retina and may reduce hearing ability.

Digital Amnesia

How to get rid of the excess use of mobile and gadget?

We need to focus on minimizing the uses of mobile phones & electronic gadgets and change your daily routine work. Opt for yoga and meditation as well as a healthy diet to keep your body in shape and mentally fit.

Tips to follow – for Fit Body, Healthy Mind and Positive Attitude

  1. Minimize using your mobile and electronic gadgets as far as possible.
  2. Do 10-15 minutes of meditation in the morning session to keep yourself focused on any specific subject or object so that you may improve your concentration power to think beyond. Besides, you can do Sun Salutation(Surya Namaskar) for overall health development. It works wonder! You can overcome stress and anxiety.
  3. Try to wake up early in the morning (those who have night shift jobs may opt for evening sessions) and go for brisk walking and do some light body stretching exercises. This will keep you fresh, cool and maintains your heart rate moderated and controls blood pressure.
  4. Do five(5) minutes exercise for eyes: Rotate your eyes in a circular direction (clockwise and anti-clockwise) for 1-2 minutes while doing yoga practice in the morning (preferably) session. It gives strength to your eye’s muscles and increases the performance of retina. After that try to focus on one object for a few minutes or as much as you can. It will improve your concentration. Once you complete these steps you can close your eyes and sit for meditation while remembering any spiritual icon or deity or god to whom you follow and have faith according to your choice.
  5. Try to fix your focus between the eyes on the forehead and try to understand what you are? Sense your palpitation and be relaxed in easy body posture for almost 15-20 minutes. These steps will keep you cool, calm and stress-free. You can also chant the Gayatri Mantra for the fitness of your mind and body.
  6. You can do Pranayama(Inhaling and Exhaling) and breathing exercises, Kapal Bhati Kriya to eliminate negative thoughts. It purifies blood and soul. Yoga helps immensely in reducing stress and anxiety. It will correct your thought process and keeps the body’s organs in a healthy condition. It rejuvenates your soul. The current generation has shown a great inclination towards yoga practices to keep the body healthy. But, at the same time, it has to be understood the repercussion of excessive use of gadgets and its implication on body and mind. So, make sure you use wisely and have to be aligned with your job demand rather than sticking and swapping fingers all the time on the mobile screen.
  7. To overcome digital amnesia make your plan to go for outing with your loved ones, friends and family and keep aside your mobile and enjoy as much as you can. Leave aside everything which makes you stupendously indulged on social media for some specific period. It will give you a soothing effect on your mind and balance harmonic imbalances.
  8.  Sneak your time from your leisure period to engage yourself in re-arranging room furniture and enjoy with family members, prepare good foods and explore little things which create happiness among your family members. Because digital amnesia disrupts your daily lifestyle and keeps you away from togetherness.
  9.  You can also make yourself engaged in reading some interesting books /novels to diverting your thoughts to knowledge enhancement and may reduce stress levels.

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