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Deya Skin Whitening Kit
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Deyga Skin Brightening Kit Review

Herewith I am going to discuss one very promising new brand in skin and hair treatment whose products are completely handmade. It is very obvious that eating healthy foods/fruits for healthy body glowing skin. But you also need extra care from the inside-out to look younger and maintain your skin texture even you go older.

Deyga’s Skin Brightening Kit

Deyga Skin Brightening Kit

So, I would like here to mention about one company which is Deyga.

They have a long-range of skincare, haircare, bath and body, oral care, baby care, and wellness for all. Just a few months back my family members have got a chance to use their products and certainly, they were so happy and satisfied with the products.

About Deyga

Deyga is a complete homegrown brand. They manufacture organic products with natural ingredients. The process is almost handmade focusing on purity and nourishment. The products are 100% natural and the preparations of products are made according to the traditional Ayurvedic preparatory process.

Soap Pouch

Deyga’s products are 

  1. Pure and 100% Natural
  2. Handcrafted with Love
  3. Cruelty-Free
  4. The traditional method of the recipe
  5. Sustainable
  6. Safe for Skin

It’s time to know about the products and the results that we saw after using such pure, natural, and handmade products from Deyga.

Let’s talk about Skin Brightening Kit. The kit contains the following;

  1. Rose and Mulethi Face Pack
  2. Rose and Pink Clay Soap
  3. Beautifying Serum
  4. Ylang Ylang Toner

Rose and Mulethi Face Pack

Deyga has perfectly prepared using very simple and effective skin nourishing products for almost all types of skin. This face pack rejuvenates your skin, gives a natural glow, and improves skin texture. It also maintains the moisturizing level of your skin for a longer period.


Native Roses | Mulethi | Oat Meal | Skin Cherishing Essential Oil

How it can be used?

You just take a tablespoon of this face pack powder and add rose water or toner, or milk and stir for a while and keep the mixture with a bit thicker consistency. Once it’s done, please cleanse your face and simply apply it on your face, and leave the pack of 15-20 minutes. After that, take freshwater or you may go for lukewarm water and rub gently remove the face pack. Those who have oily skin shall skip milk rather they use rose water or toner. For dry skin, you may go for milk, and for normal skin, any of them can be used.

Our Observance

We are quite satisfied with the product. This mixture has a natural fragrance and the conveyed quantity (1 tablespoon) is more or less fit for a person. When they used it oily and dry skin found a very satisfactory result. At the time of applying one of the members has pimples, but it has somewhere reduced and removed the dead skin. They felt it had an effective way of deep cleansing and maintained the moisture level for a longer period. The glow on the skin was significantly visible.

If you want to get a fast result you can use this maximum of twice a week otherwise once in a week is quite enough. As we have observed that if this face pack is being used on a regular basis, then the complexion will appear very fairer and wrinkles shall not be prominent as you age.

We are completely satisfied with this natural handmade mixture and would love to order this kit again.

Rose and Pink Clay Bath Bar

Rose and Pink Clay Bath Bar

The Bath Bar is completely handmade and enriched with pure skin-rejuvenating herbs and oils. It contains Rose Extract, Rose Essentials Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Rose Water, and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. These combinations are awesome for skin cleansing, nourishing, and removing dead skin cells.


Rose Extract | Pink Clay | Sweet Almond Oil | Shea Butter | Olive Oil | Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

How it can be used?

You just need to wet your body with normal water, but if you are using it in winter simply wet with lukewarm water. Apply the soap all over the body gently and rinse.

Our Observance

My family member (Sister) was very impressed with the small traditional pouch of cotton in which it was packed. I always prefer an original and handmade organic product and this soap made me so happy. The best part is that the soap carries no artificial fragrance, but is enriched with natural contents like rose extract, rose water, and natural oil like sweet almond and olive which keeps your skin moisturized and soft when you apply on the body. I have dry skin and this was amazing for me. I have been using it regularly since I ordered it. I am observing the freshness of my skin and the natural glow is visible. This cleanses your body wisely and makes a soothing effect.

Beautifying Serum from Deyga

If we talk about Beautifying Serum these all parameters are there while preparing. It’s a unique oil-based serum for all skin types. It is a unique blend of oils with non-greasy and fast-absorbing serum. This helps soften your skin and gives a fresh and young look. It protects from bacterial and fungal infection due to its antioxidant properties.

What we have seen that Deyga’s products are 100% natural and cruelty-free. They are made with utmost care the traditional recopies are being used. It improves skin texture and gives brightness, repairs pigmentation, and cures dark circles very pragmatically.


Moringa Oil | Bitter Almond Oil | Baobab | Kukui Oil | Grapeseed Oil | Khus Khus

How you can use it?

You need to open the bottle delicately and take a few drops of serum on your palm or you can put the drop-up serum on your forehead and both chicks and gently massage with fingers on all your face.

Our Observance

What we observed that it is an oil-based serum prepared with natural oils is just like we use to put oil in our home, in general, to keep skin moisturized. But, this serum is very effective and kept our skin smooth and supple. My skin kept moisturized for quite a long time. We found that those who have oily skin shall take only a few drops so that you can have an optimum glow on your skin and may escape from becoming oily. I would prefer Ylng Ylang Mist shall be used prominently to those who have oily skin to maintain the oil level of the skin.

Deyga’s Ylang Ylang Mist

Ylang Ylang Mist

As we know Ylang flower has a cooling effect. It keeps skin healthy and also reduces irritation, stress and improves the nervous system as well. This Ylang Mist is prepared to balance excess oil production in the skin and optimize dryness. It can also be sprayed on the hair to keep away bad odor and refresh.


  1. Steam Distilled Ylang Ylang

How you can use it?

Spray from a bit distance on the face. If you feel some odor in your hair can also spray it on the scalp.

Our Observance

We experienced that it is absolutely natural and has a light soothing fragrance. When you spray it easily gets absorbed in the skin layer. I usually prefer organic and handmade mist to keep my skin refreshed and it completes my requirement. I will use it in summer to make my skin hydrated, supple, and healthy. I can also carry it anywhere because it is so handy. There is one thing which I want to share that the price is a little bit on the higher side rest is good.

Price of the Kit – Rs.2090/- for 4 Products.

Packaging of the products – If you ask me: An attractive packing would give more impact on the users.

Enjoy the Kit… it is awesome!

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If you want to know more about the products and services, please leave your inputs in the comment section, I will assist you.

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  1. hi Mr. Samudra, Can you pls help to find the link or website from where i can get original Deyga Products. I am intrested to buy. pls reply soon. Thanx Shiva

  2. I have been going through your website for sometime….Can you please suggest something for oily acne prone skin

  3. I have tried their Rose Mulethi face pack…..Feels so refreshing….Will get my hands on the rest of the products soon.

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