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Deyga Man Powder
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Deyga Man Body Powder Review

Hey Guys,

Today is your time and the product is also for your choice. We believe that you may have to take it for yourself. It’s time for you and for us to write a review of Deyga Man Body Powder.

We have been busy talking about beauty product reviews, but today we will discuss my favorite brand Deyga Organics product for men i.e. Man Body Powder. I have chosen specifically this monsoon season and humid atmosphere where you can sense and feel the product easily and truly convey your own experience once you use it.

So let’s have a glimpse about Deyga and without delay, we will get to know about this particular powder that is specifically made for Men.

We all know that Deyga Organics is known for its purity, handmade, and natural take on beauty and wellness products. Deyga always believes in organic care and that’s why preparing products from ethically sourced natural and organic matter. Their products are cruelty-free, sustainable, and absolutely prepared from traditional recipes.

Deyga Man Body Powder
Deyga Man Body Powder

Now, take a look at the product’s description!

This powder is specially designed for men from Deyga Organics. It is known to all of us that how much powders are helpful in scorching heat / humid season to avoid sweating and itching. Keeping this in mind, Deyga has prepared a fragrance-free powder using natural ingredients that are really going to give you fast relief and will persist for long hours. It is a handcrafted organic powder for men to enjoy with sweltering heat or muggy season.

Now, take a look at the product’s description!

Organic Arrowroot Powder – It cures itching, rashes, and skin sores. Gives relief to skin irritations.

Natural Zinc Oxide – Good for skin healing, bacterial infections, and protects from UV rays.

Kaolin Clay– Absorbs extra oil and sweating, skin toning and it’s a natural cleanser.

Olive Oil – It works as an antioxidant and has anti-bacterial effects. Also moisturizes your skin.

Kumkum Butter– Gives elasticity to your skin makes it youthful. Helps regenerate new skin.

Deyga Man Body Powder
Ingredients-Man Body Powder

Price: Rs.600/- only

Net Wt. – 100 Grams

It is purely organic, natural, and handcrafted.

Till how long to be used: Best before 8 months from the date of manufacture.

It is also Talc Free, Gluten Free, Hand Made & Cruelty-Free

Guys…you would ask how to use it?

It is very easy to do it… Like you must have used other powders of any differences… Just like that.


How to use Powder?
How to use powder?

Now its time has come to know…HOW WAS MY EXPERIENCE?

I was very excited when Deyga sent me the product. It was packed marvelously. Once I opened the bottle I was a little disappointed about the fragrance and thought that it would have a strong fragrance like other brands’ talc, but it smelled very mild and pleasant due to its organic features.

Man Powder from Deyga

Generally, a strong fragrance I usually don’t prefer so its soothing effect was actually unparalleled.  The granules are thick, but don’t make any big difference to me. I have been using it for a month and found satisfactory results in absorbing sweat, no bad odor in armpit areas, and acts finely on thigh chafing. No stains on shirts/teas.  If you are a fan of hard fragrance, then you will have to compromise, but barring only the fragrance, the rest of its quality will compel you to try it.

Product Rating: KYH 4.6 out of 5

From my side, it’s worth buying!!

As usual, I say if you love organic products and are concerned about your health, must go for Deyga Organic.

Want to buy, click Deyga and also get to know other products.

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