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Dandruff and Home Remedies

Causes of dandruff and its home remedies

Nowadays, due to pollution or lack of time, people do not have time to take care of their hair properly. It may be due to the use of different types of new hairstyles and hair products, people have to face the problem of getting dandruff. Also, if you do not eat proteins and a vitamin-rich diet you may face dandruff issues.

Those who do not massage the hair with oil periodically may face such problems. It has also been observed that those who do not wash hair properly get dandruff in due course. Here we are making the focus on home remedies to treat dandruff. This will work for either sex.

Home remedies are the easiest process to get relief from dandruff because dandruff causes hair loss. Before getting information about dandruff home remedies, let us know more things about dandruff. There are many causes of dandruff and home remedies may provide the best relief to everyone.

What is Dandruff?

From the point of Ayurveda: When the phlegm (kaffa) and Vata dosha present in our body becomes unbalanced, white crust-like mildew starts forming on the skin of the head which is called dandruff.

In general terminology: Due to the presence of oil in the head, the skin of the head becomes sticky due to which dirt gets deposited in the hair and this dirt only invokes dandruff. Hair also starts breaking due to this mess. Due to unhealthy eating patterns, the hair becomes oily due to which there is a problem of dandruff in the head.

Causes of Dandruff

According to Ayurveda, Vata-Pitta-Kapha doshas are found in our bodies. If the dosha becomes unbalanced, then many diseases start to occur in our bodies. Similarly, in the case of Dandruff, the bile and phlegm mix in the blood and makes the blood dirty. The head follicles close the pores. Due to which the skin of the head starts to dry and the crust starts to settle on the head that is called dandruff. But, there are many reasons for being dandruff.

Now you would like to know what remedies you can do at home to treat dandruff. Let us know about them in detail.

Vitamin & Mineral deficiency

There are many vital elements found in our body that are very important for growth. Individuals who do not eat well or people who take a very little amount of vitamins and proteins in their diet always face hair fall issues. People who consume a lot of outside junk food, fine flour, and take very small quantities of green vegetables in their diet get very less livable elements like Vitamins (Vitamin ‘B’ Complex) and Minerals. Vitamin b12 does not allow dandruff to form, so it is very important to have it in our food.

When we eat fewer green vegetables, our body gets a very small amount of B12, which is why dandruff starts to increase.

Age matters

At the age of puberty (15-18), our body develops some hormonal changes. When it gets imbalanced we find major changes in the body and our scalp also get affected.  Due to which the skin of the head of some people becomes oilier and we find a white crust starts forming in the scalp. This crust starts to settle on the skin of the head and it is called Dandruff. Dandruff is not the only cause of puberty, but it is one of the main causes.

Mental stress / tension

Nowadays people are more under mental stress due to the secretion of stress hormones. The more you get stressed your body secretes more stress hormones and this is one of the reasons to get dandruff.

Nowadays immunity of people has reduced because the eating and drinking patterns have been changed tremendously. They do not get complete nutrition because most of the time they eat contagious food such as – Ice-cream, cold drinks, pizza, burgers, etc. Our body does not get complete nutrition. Due to such eating habits, your immunity level becomes weak and your hormone level gets imbalanced. These all factors lead to dryness of hair and your scalp starts accumulating white flakes/dead cells.

Dead cells on the head begin to freeze in white color. We feel itching most of the time keep scratching on the head. Those who eat sweet things (chocolate, pastry, sugar) are prone to have dandruff.

The other reason for the dandruff is pollution and contaminated air and water. The smoke, dust, and other dangerous particle start accumulating on our scalp and thus the root of the hair is closed and cells become dry due to the non-supply of air in the hair follicle. It becomes a major concern of dandruff.

Long-term use of high steroid medicine

When a person takes high steroid medicine for a long time, his immune system becomes weak due to which the hormones become imbalanced which also leads to dandruff.

Using harmful chemical colored hair

Often, the use of hair color in ammonia for a long time makes the scalp of the head dry. Dry hair plays a prime role in producing dandruff. As we know oily scalp has less chance to get dandruff. So, we have to give proper attention while purchasing hair color and we must buy a good quality product for our hair.

Home remedies for Dandruff

Home remedies for Dandruff

Although dandruff is a common problem, but to avoid it, people use generally home remedies. By altering everyday routines and some changes in daily lifestyle we can control Dandruff easily. Let us know further about such methods.

Proper shampooing 

Clean your hair and scalp thoroughly to remove dead cells and layers that have accumulated. To wash hair, you can use a shampoo containing catechonazole, selenium sulfide, or zinc. Brush your hair with a fine comb to remove the layers present on the surface of the head, doing so will also improve blood circulation.

Hair massage regularly

Massaging the head by heating coconut or olive oil improves blood circulation. When blood circulation improves, dandruff is controlled. You can also use almond oil for a head massage at bedtime and rinse with any organic or handmade shampoo that suits you. Proper massage at regular intervals will surely control the formation of dandruff.

Protect your hair from changing weather

Protect your hair and head from the weather. Sun rays and heat can increase the production of oil in your head, which increases the problem of dandruff, so cover the head to avoid direct exposure to sun rays and bad weather. In scorching sunny weather or some rough, dusty condition outside always wear a cap to protect your scalp from dangerous particles. If your hair becomes wet in the rainy season always try to make it dry as soon you get time. It will not allow dust to settle on your scalp.

Make some changes in your lifestyle

Reducing stress, eating a balanced diet, and keeping the body clean can help you prevent dandruff; even exercising can relieve you from stress, which can prevent dandruff. Do regularly pranayama and yoga because it is one is necessary for healthy hair and scalp.

Dry Your Hair in Sun Light

Wet hair should be dried in the sun’s rays because the sun’s rays contain vitamins that help reduce dandruff. Try to avoid drier as far as possible. We shall always prefer the natural process to dry our hair to keep hair healthy. It also protects our scalp from gluing dandruff.

Always use a cap while swimming

While swimming, one should always apply a cap on the head as we know chlorine is found in the swimming pool water which is very harmful to the hair. Most of us do not give proper attention when we go swimming.

Remove dandruff by changing your diet at home

Oil, chili-spicy food should not be eaten too much because it increases the Vata dosha and makes the scalp dry. Coffee, tea should be consumed in very small quantities.

Green vegetables like a gourd, lady’s finger, capsicum, cabbage, cauliflower should be consumed as they contain elements of vitamin B complex, which help in reducing dandruff.

One or two buds of garlic should be consumed on an empty stomach daily because garlic contains antifungal agents that help in reducing dandruff. Peanut should be consumed because it contains more zinc and vitamin B complex.

Til oil should be used as a massage in the hair because a large amount of omega is found in oilseeds and that is good for overall health.

Curd mixture for dandruff

After shampooing, apply yogurt to the roots of the hair and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash the hair again. You can also try black pepper powder in curd and put the mixture on the scalp for 15-20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. It’s a good home remedy and works wonders on dandruff.

Neem oil beneficial in relieving dandruff

  • Applying neem oil for dandruff has proved to be very beneficial. As vitamin ‘E’ is found in the neem oil, that reduces the dryness of the hair and eliminates dandruff from the roots. Because neem is a natural ‘anti fungal’. Let us know how to get rid of dandruff fast quickly.
  • If you mix 1 kernel of camphor in neem oil and apply it, dandruff ends within two weeks. Because there is cold in Karpoor which helps in reducing the itching of the head.
  • Finely grind the neem leaves and mix olive oil in them and apply it to the hair roots. Wash the hair with shampoo after 1 hour. This recipe removes dandruff and itching in the head.

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