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Bolt Coffee Shots
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Bolt Cold Brew Coffee Shots-Mixed Flavors – pack of 6

Friends, today we will talk about a brand that is in the headlines for its one particular type of beverage and that is Bolt Cold Brew. Today we are going to review its six (6) varieties of exciting coffee shots, and know why it has become a staple of Youngsters and Gym Goers.

Just recap about the Brand (Bolt Cold Brew)

Bolt Cold Brew is an Indian brand (since 2019) and they made coffee shots that basically an energy drink, which activates your mind and body to do more what you want to do. Their coffee shots are made from pure and 100% natural coffee beans that are a favorite of coffee lovers, gym-goers, and young professionals

They have Seven (7) mesmerizing coffee shots variants with 100% natural ingredients. The tantalizing flavors of Vanilla, Saunf, Loopy Lemon, Ginger, Pure Black, Gin Gerry, and Blew berry refresh your mind and also keep you energized for long hours.

An exciting coffee shot – Pack of 6 flavors (Which I got)

>> Pure Black >> Vivid Vanilla >> Blew Berry >> Double Mocha >> Coffee Toffee >> Loopy Lemon

It comes in a cute paper box carries some funny cartoons that give a delighted smile to your face.

Quantity – 60 ml per Shot

Bolt Coffee Shots Drinks
Bolt coffee-based energy drinks-Mixed Flavors

Why you should go for Bolt Cold Brew shots?

  • These are complete low-calorie drinks.
  • No added sugar
  • It contains 85 mg of natural caffeine
  • It is 100x less acidic than boiled coffee. So no burps at all.
  • They are high in antioxidants that help in removing free radicals and keep you looking younger.
  • With no harmful chemicals
  • These shots are a good source of Magnesium and Potassium
  • Helps in increasing the metabolism process.
  • Vegan and Keto friendly

How to use it?

  1. You can drink in it in a shot for instant energy and can carry it easily. It’s very pocket-friendly.
  2. Since they do not contain sugar, but if you want can add some sugar, water and warm it up.
  3. If the bitterness bothers you? No issue…adds some jaggery or honey.
  4. Craving for a steaming cuppa? You can surely add some milk and warm it up and enjoy!!
  5. You can also add a shot of taste in a smoothie or other energy drink so that your taste is double.

My take on these six (6) flavored shots

Although I am not a coffee lover, sometimes I do enjoy it. Whenever I feel a bit lethargic and low feel, I definitely take a cup of hot coffee that too with milk. When I tasted the cold brew coffee shots, it felt a bit strange at first because I had never taken without milk, but after drinking it, I really felt a different taste. I tasted six flavors and saw that all are different from each other, but bitterness remains in all these shots.

I have already mentioned that I do not take coffee without milk, so I liked the taste of only 3 of their 6 flowers, Lupy Lemon, Vivid Vanilla, and Coffee Toffee. Because they are slightly less in bitterness and have the natural essence of lemon, vanilla, and coffee. The remaining three flavors are a bit difficult for me as they will definitely be liked by those who are real coffee lovers and like to drink hard coffee. Definitely, they keep you refreshed and maintain your energy level for a while.

Would I recommend it?

I would definitely like to say to those coffee lovers that you must try it once, you will definitely like it. Young professionals who are a bit mentally tired will surely like this.

Pros: It gives instant energy (it has been said above) and keeps you refreshed. You have value for money and can carry it anywhere as they are very pocket-friendly. As such no side effects as of now. It is 100% natural

Cons: From my point of view those who are true coffee lovers can digest and have no major issues in taking shots otherwise those who take coffee occasionally they may have some difficulties due to the strong natural taste(bitterness).

The price of this pack is very reasonable. It contains 6(Six) different flavors and costs around Rs.270/

You can buy it from HERE. Click to know more.

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