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Biotique Soya Protein Shampoo
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Biotique Bio Soya Protein Shampoo

First, take a look at what Biotique has described about Bio Soya Protein Shampoo.

Biotique Bio Soya Protein SHAMPOO

Soya Protein Shampoo from Biotique

“This rich shampoo is a blend of pure soya bean protein, berberry, and wild turmeric extracts to cleanse hair without disturbing its natural pH balance. Prevents color fade. Protects a perm. Promotes healthy shine”.

As they say…it is a rich soya bean protein shampoo that gives a healthy shine to your hair and maintains the moisture level without troubling natural pH balance.  I would like to point out here that It is good for those who have normal hair and feel dry all the time. Secondly, those who go for hair color can also use this shampoo. Because after coloring hair needs some special treatment to maintain its moisture level and shining.

I hope, you should go for this shampoo because it is completely prepared with herbs with natural ingredients blended with Soya protein, almond (Prunus Amygdalus), banhaldi(Curcuma aromatic) Rai Tail(Brassica nigra oil). No other chemicals have been used.

A quick look at the ingredients and their effects;

Soya Protein: Soya is an ultimate natural source of plant-based protein and has been used for thousands of years. It is very good for hair growth and keeps moisture levels in balance. It gives strength to the hair follicles and eliminates excess DHT (dihydrotestosterone) so that food nutrients can be easily absorbed by the hair follicles. The excess of DHT makes you bald and becomes a major factor of alopecia.

Almond – As we all are aware of Almonds (Badam) and their nutritional properties. Almonds are rich in antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and Vitamin-E. These all minerals and vitamins are known to protect your health, make skin glow, nourish hair. It gives strength and helps in hair growth. It makes hair strong, shiny, and non-frizzy.

Banhaldi (Curcuma aromatic or Wild turmeric) – I believe most of us are fully aware of turmeric and its uses. For thousands of year, Haldi(turmeric) is being used in cooking and curing diseases. In this shampoo, banhaldi has been used to protect the scalp from dryness and antifungal disease. It keeps moisturize and gives shine to hair. It also stimulates hair growth and removes dandruff.

How to use it?

Apply liberally to wet hair and massage gently into a rich lather. Rinse well with water with slight lukewarm water, if you use it in winter.

What do my friends and contacts say about this Bio Soya Protein Shampoo?

It is value for money and of course, it is good for hair. They found its reasonable effects on hair loss, repairing in hair brittleness, and keeping moisture level for a longer period. It is good for those who go for hair color periodically. It protects the shining and keeps softness always. The best part is that it a Unisex shampoo so anyone can use it without any hesitation.

I have also been using BIO SOYA PROTEIN SHAMPOO and found it comparatively far better than other brands. The most important is that it is an ayurvedic preparation so that there is no harm to the scalp and hair. It has controlled my hair fall, have gained thickness, and stay moisturized for a long period.

The price is very reasonable and I will re-buy it again.

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