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Brisk Walking for Good Health

Be always fit and look handsome with brisk walking

Today we will tell you how you can keep your body fit and make yourself handsome with brisk walking. We will also understand when and how long doing it so that you always look young keep yourself away from diseases. Nowadays people are worried about their obesity and the accumulation of fat in the body.

People sweat in the gym for hours and try to work hard, but seldom have they got the results they wish for. Their weight does not work in that ratio. Our experts believe that according to the proportion in which you exercise, you also have to take care of your food and drink, but somewhere we lack to get good results.

Many people manage to keep the ratio balanced. While many people work out for hours, they consume more than 2 Calories throughout the day. Because of this, they do not lose weight. If you too are struggling with this problem, then you can resort to a brisk walk. This is an exercise that burns 150 calories daily. Let us know in detail;

What is brisk walking?

Doctors always recommend going on walks. Because it has to be walked normally and anyone can do it. However, a brisk walk is different from normal walking.

In the easiest language, it is the process of walking at normal speed and running at high speed. In this process, you walk faster than the normal speed, in which both your hands and feet are in one rhythm. You have to spend a minimum of 40 minutes for Brisk Walking in the morning preferably.

How to walk briskly?

For this, you use sports shoes. This can give you comfort. Wearing good shoes is very important to walk fast. You can do Brisk Walk Park or on the grounds. It has to be fast, which causes a stretch in all the parts of the body.

If you walk briskly for half an hour every day, then 150 calories will be burnt daily. This gives relief from overweight. You can increase the time period, according to your ability. Along with this, you can also take jogging.

It involves one minute of running and one minute of walking. The best time for brisk walking is in the morning max by 8 a.m. By this time, you will get the extra benefit to get a daily dose of Vitamin D directly from the sun.

There are lots more health benefits when you do early exercise or yoga when Sun is in his rising mood.

22 major health benefits of brisk walking

  1. Brisk walking controls weight as you lose approx 150 calories per day. This reduces your risk of heart attack by up to 40%.
  2. Brisk walking is a boon for anyone who has a problem with high cholesterol. People with high cholesterol need 40 minutes of brisk walk every day.
  3. Brisk walking normalizes LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels and HDL (good cholesterol) levels begin to rise, so keep your heart happy and healthy and make sure brisk walking.
  4. If you walk 10,000 steps (ten thousand steps) then your heart remains healthy, blood sugar returns to normal, and blood pressure stays in control.
  5. Brisk walking strengthens your knee bones.
  6. If you do brisk walking every day, then the pain in your knees and ankles starts decreasing. The joint pain of the body begins to relax, so you must go for a brisk walk.
  7. Those who have problems with varicose veins should take daily brisk walks. This strengthens the muscles of their feet and the problem of varicose veins begins to heal.
  8. Brisk walking reduces the risk of paralysis by about 80%. By doing brisk walking the blood transmission between your central nervous system and the sensory nerve goes in the right way, which puts you at no risk of paralysis.
  9. If you do a brisk walk for an hour every day, then your waist bone (kulhe ki haddi) is strengthened. The bone density gets strong and you are at low risk of breaking bones in the future.
  10. If a person spends 45 minutes daily on a brisk walk, then his stress hormone (cortisol) level works perfectly, this does not increase your stress level.
  11. Apart from this, adrenaline and norepinephrine hormone levels also get balanced, which reduces stress to your brain and heart. That’s why they can perform very well.
  12. Brisk walking reduces your stress and anxiety. If you do brisk walk regularly, then the endorphin hormone releases in the right amount, which helps to keep you happy and healthy.
  13. This does not allow you to get diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Your nervous system is less than perfect.
  14. The veins from below your waist to the feet, get power/strength so that you do not get tired even after standing for hours. That’s why you must go on a walk in the morning.
  15. It has also been found in the research that if a woman goes for a brisk walk for one hour for at least 3 days a week, then the risk of getting breast cancer is reduced by about 19%.
  16. If she spends about 5 hours of brisk walking in a week, then this risk is reduced by 58%.
  17. People who have erectile dysfunction due to an imbalance of testosterone hormones must go for a brisk walk. It helps to improve the hormonal imbalance and give them pleasure. This hormone is very important for your happiness and married life.
  18. Those who have such hormonal Issues should have a brisk walk of 45 minutes every morning. Due to this, this problem of their hormonal imbalance will get normalize and they start living life in the right way and enjoy themselves. *In continuation of the brisk walk, they shall take advice and medicine if they have major issues of erectile dysfunction.
  19. Brisk walking increases your immunity level.
  20. Walking briskly improves your lung’s functionality. Pure oxygen starts flowing in them so that you will not have the problem of cold and cough very frequently.
  21. The upper respiratory tract problem is reduced by about 45% in those who do a daily brisk walk.
  22. Only 15 minutes of the brisk walk have an immediate effect on your brain and elevates your mood. If you do it regularly and stretch the moderate speed of walking, your memory gets sharp and the brain receives healthier signals from neurons that help in better communication.

So, my dear friends don’t waste your time in the morning rather pull up your socks and get ready for the brisk walk. It will change your life, mood, and health as well.

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