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Amazing Carrots for Health

Amazing Health Benefits of Carrots

We have been listening to our parents and family doctors/consultants about the carrot’s health benefits. Now we must know how much it is beneficial and what amazing minerals and antioxidants it has.


The carrot is a root vegetable which easily available in the market throughout the year in India and widely grown in China, European countries, Uzbekistan, Russia, the United States, and Ukraine. In 2016, China itself produced 48% of the total production means world production was 42.7 million tonnes and China’s contribution was 20.5 million approx.

Carrots belong to the “Apiaceae” family. The botanical name of the carrot is “Daucus Carota”. The carrots are usually in orange and red color, but in some areas, it is available in black, purple and yellow color.
It is crunchy, tasty, and proved to be perfectly healthy food that contains high nutritional values. Carrots are enriched with or you can say the good sources of beta carotene, fiber, Vitamin K1, potassium, and 6 different powerful antioxidants i.e. Beta-carotene, Alpha-carotene, Lutein, Lycopene, Polyacetylenes, and Anthocyanins.

The health benefits of carrots are amazing that’s why it is eaten in raw form, juice, and boiled. You will get very good results once you start adding to your regular diet. It is very useful in weight loss (enriched with fibers) and works wonders in improving eye health and gives power to eye muscle as well as lowers your cholesterol level.

Let’s start and find what the major health benefits of Carrots are!!

Health benefits of Carrots – An overview

1. It is anti-aging, good for skin and hairs: The beta carotene may optimally help in reducing skin allergy and sensitiveness with the sun to those who suffer from photosensitive diseases. Beta-carotene and biotin help in protein metabolism. These are helpful in maintaining skin texture and make skin shining. Your hair and nail enamel also become healthy and shiny. So, try to eat in the form of salads prickled with black salt for improved taste and easy digestion.

2. Works wonder towards reducing weight: Carrots consist of fiber (2.8 gm out of 100 gm) and fat (0.2 gm out of 100 gm), carbohydrate (9.6 gms out of 100 gm), and protein (0.9 gm out of 100 gm) shows that when you take in raw form it will help to burn your extra fat and helps in weight loss. Drink 1 glass (medium) of carrot juice mixed with gooseberry and black gapes every day. You will find amazing results after one week as you may sense that your body is losing fat and you become slimmer. I have personally used it and seen fantastic improvement.

3. Improve eye muscles and improve vision – The orange and red colors of carrots are due to the presence of an antioxidant i.e. Beta-carotene, which converts to Vitamin A and plays a very important role in eye health and improves vision. It also removes the dark circle around your eyes. Carrots contain the antioxidant Lutein and Zeaxanthin, this combination may help prevent tightening the muscles, vision loss, and macular degeneration when aging starts.

4. Averting cancer possibility – Multiple research says that beta carotene (an antioxidant), lycopene, and polyacetylenes are responsible for carrot’s colors (purple, yellow, orange) may help reduce the risk of leukemia and other cancers and chronic diseases.

5. Keeps lungs in a healthy condition – The presence of different types of antioxidants provides a shell to protect the lungs from chronic infections which may lead to lung cancer. So, eat carrots on a regular basis, it also fights pollutions and keeps your lungs healthy.

6. Good for heart and cardiovascular diseases – The presence of potassium and antioxidant, helps in relaxing your blood vessels and reduce the risk of heart diseases, and maintains the blood pressure level. It is equally important for diabetic patients who have constraints to eat sugary vegetables or fruits.

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