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Health Benefits of Raw Onion
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Amazing benefits of eating raw Onions

If you do not have onion in your vegetable for a day in your kitchen, then you become restless and disappointed. Your food tastes bad. Today we will tell you about the amazing benefits of eating raw Onions. So, be active, healthy, and beautiful by eating raw onions.

Until now we have used onions (fried) in spicy vegetables and salads only. Have you tried to know how important eating raw onion is for our health and what its benefits are?

Today we will know about eating a raw onion, its advantages, and disadvantages, and how it benefits hair, skin, and overall health. So let’s know about this super vegetable that is eaten raw and cooked.

What is the Onion?

Onion is known as Alliums Sepa. Alliums are a plant of the genus and in Latin, the “Sepa” is called onion, hence it is called Alliums Sepa. It is also called bulb onion or common anion.

Origin and Cultivation

The origin of onion cannot be said with certainty as to where it was first grown, but various sources show that it was grown in abundance in Iran, Western Pakistan, and Central Asia only. Mainly in terms of use and cultivation, Southwest Asia is considered to be the main source of origin, and from here it reached America, China, and other parts of the world.

Its ability to grow and face tough climatic conditions makes it the most popular vegetable grown across the globe.

Why to eat raw onions?

India produces 22.83% of total world onion production with ranked #2nd after China produces 24.92% of total world Onion production to be ranked #1.

Health benefits of eating raw Onions

Mainly there are 3 types of onion varieties found in our country, which are red, light orange in color and white. Red-colored onions are pungent and have a pungent taste. The other two are juicy and sweet with a slight tinge. We often use onions in vegetables.

People who use raw onions are very less than a moderate level. Few of them use it in salads, and they understand the encouraging results of onions. Generally, people prefer cooked onions because the sharp and pungent smell makes them uncomfortable.

If you really want to be healthy and apart from your immunity and bacterial or viral infection, you must think about eating raw onions. From blood pressure to your skin and hair, inflammation, cough and cold, and purification of blood the raw onion is a boon for you.

Lowers cholesterol and protects your Heart

Raw and Red onion is considered to be the best for heart function. In research, it has been found that antioxidants such as flavonoids (quercetin) and anthocyanins present in onions may help reduce the level of LDL and triglycerides. Onions are a rich source of phytonutrients that help in controlling inflammation and regulating blood pressure as well.

As we know the risk of heart attack increases with the increase in blood pressure level (mostly diastolic level). If you have a high systolic range, then the chances of stroke are higher. In any case, if your blood pressure either upper side or lower side increases, then you must take medical help or suggestion to control it. Apart from that you shall focus on your diet and control your salt (sodium) intake.

A group of 50 people who were found to have high blood pressure due to obesity, when given a moderate red onion diet with food for about 10 days, found that their Systolic pressure dropped by about 5-8 mm Hg.

So, try to improve your diet structure and add raw onions at your lunchtime and dinner as well.  If you keep taking red onion regularly in the form of salad in your diet, then after you cholesterol and saturated glycerides start coming in the normal range. So, eat Onion and remain heart champion 😊

Improves digestive health

Onion contains some pre-biotic such as inulin and fructooligosaccharides that improve your digestion. They produce healthy bacteria in your gut that properly digest foods and boost your immunity. As far as pre-biotics are concerned, they help your body absorb calcium, potassium, and other minerals so that you may feel healthy.

When calcium and minerals get absorbed properly, then bones also become strong. Therefore, if you want to keep your digestive system right, then you should eat red and white onions.

You can eat onion by slicing it into pieces and sprinkling some black pepper powder and sea salt. You can have it either in the lunch session or at dinner time. It will help in proper digestion. If your partner is troubled by the pungent flavor of your onion, then you can take two or four grains of cardamom after dinner. This will act as your mouth freshener and your partner will not have any problem 😊

Shiny skin and Healthy hair

Onions are rich in vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for your skin and hair. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, biotin, and many types of antioxidants. Vitamin C boosts our collagen level, which keeps the skin glowing and beautiful. The antioxidants found in its work against the oxidative stress in the cells and remove the hard metals, our blood gets purified.

A proper blood circulation to our skin and hair, making our hair thick and strong. And a different glow comes in the skin, once we start eating raw onions.

Eating raw onions protects your skin pigmentation and also protects against damage caused by ultraviolet rays on the skin and hair. Due to this your skin and hair remain naturally shiny and strong for a long time.😊

The Impressive effect of eating raw onions during Pregnancy

If you are a pregnant woman, then you should include 4-5 slices of raw onion in your daily diet. It has many benefits which can prove to be helpful in your normal pregnancy. Let’s know the benefits of eating during pregnancy…

  • The biggest problem during pregnancy is constipated bowel. If you have such an issue may consume raw onion in your food or take it in the form of salad. The fibers present in it regulate your bowel and act as a natural laxative in a way that gives you relief from constipation.
  • During pregnancy, many women’s hair starts falling or becomes weak. Since there are harmonic changes in the body at this time, you shall use red onion in your regular diet. Vitamin A, C, and K maintain the hair and skin. It makes hair strong and shiny and gives your skin a natural glow. Because it has a good amount of vitamins and antioxidants that boost your collagen. It also boosts your glutathione, which helps your skin glow.
  • The problem of swelling and skin allergy is also seen in the body of women, which makes them stressed and irritating during this time. Onions are rich in Flavonoids and that has an anti-inflammatory property. Therefore, the consumption of onions removes the inflammation and allergies that occur during this period. There is swelling in the pregnant omen’s limbs, which is natural during the pregnancy period, but that too can be relieved to a great extent by consuming raw onions.

Side effects of eating raw Onions

So far we have seen the benefits of eating raw onions. But, there are disadvantages for those who are allergic and have some digestive issues. It has also been observed and found in many studies and research that there are some disadvantages of eating raw onions who have IBS i.e. Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

In people suffering from IBS syndrome, it is a little difficult to find out how their stomach got upset? Why, and when what caused the bloating and mucus in the stool? Or why did abdominal cramps happen and why did flatulence appear all of a sudden?

It can be kept well by proper diagnosis and replacing the food to which you are allergic and hence you need to consult your doctor. Irritable bowel syndrome is a special type of disease in which a person complains of bloating, irritation, mucous in stools, flatulence, and allergy to any food.

Therefore, if you have a complaint of IBS, then you should consult your doctor or with your health expert and get suggestions on how onions to be taken on another form to keep your digestive process in good condition.

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