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7 tips for health and fitness

7 Health and Fitness Tips for College going Students

There is no doubt that the college lifestyle is very different from our school life, most of the students in colleges are very stressed during the exam days. While studying in college, you are very busy all day because of doing some work or the other, so in such a situation; it is absolutely common that you ignore your health.

Here we want to discuss those 7 health and fitness tips for college-going students.

What you have to do?

Daily breakfast is a must and it should be healthy

Eating nutritious breakfast gives you the strength to work throughout the day and you do not feel too tired or lethargic. Most college students often leave their house or hostel room without having breakfast in the morning, eat a very small amount of lunches while studying in classes all day and dinner is sure to be like a king. Now, whatever it is but not having breakfast in the morning is a big mistake and it is included in the bad eating habits.

Avoid junk food

Another concern regarding college students’ catering is their junk food eating habits. Of course, junk food is easily found everywhere and you can eat junk food according to your budget, but, junk food has a very bad effect on your health.

Students should avoid Junk Food
These all junk food items must be avoided.

Food preservatives added to junk food, these foods made in an environment unhygienic with cheap foods, and many other reasons like that eating these foods causes great harm to our health. Junk foods contain very few amounts of nutritious ingredients like vitamins, minerals, etc. Chilies, spices, and ghee/oil are added in plenty to make these foods tasty.

Many studies have shown that obesity and heart-related problems have become a common practice in the younger generation today due to eating too much junk food.


It is important for you to take proper fluids

70% of our body is made up of water; therefore, water is a primary need for our living. Although no fixed amount of water can be prescribed daily for any human being, however, most health experts agree that every human being must drink about 2-3 liters of water daily, so that a shortage of water may not arise.

Fluids for College going Students
These fluids are a must for college-going students.

If you cannot drink this much quantity of water, then you should drink plenty of beverages like juice, buttermilk, milk, Lassi, tea, coffee daily.

You can also eat juicy fruits like watermelon, melon, orange, lime, lemon.

Beverages do not allow your body to be short of water, keep the digestion fine and keep your skin healthy. Drinking plenty of water keeps many diseases from your body.

6-7 Hours of Sleep is required for you

Often college students study late into the night on exam days, or if you stay in your college hostel, spend long nights with your friends, gossiping, watching movies, partying or hanging out, or assigning any of your scheduled assignments. But often stay up late at night to submit. The next day students have to attend their classes too.

Therefore, they do not consider any mistake in sleeping less or waking up all night. But, not getting full sleep for a long time can cause you health problems like frustration, loss of appetite, tiredness or lethargy, and irritability.

Experts believe that a young person must sleep at least 6-7 hours daily.

Sound Sleep for College Students
6-7 hours sound sleep is required for college students.

By sleeping, our body gets the strength to relax and work again. It is very important for us to get deep sleep daily for good physical and mental health. If we adopt, the good habit of settling all our work on time, then we will not need to reduce our sleep.

Some important points for getting good sleep daily are as follows:

  1. In the evening take a bath with lukewarm water or take a shower.
  2. Use a good pillow for yourself.
  3. Keep the light dim in your bedroom an hour or two before going to bed.
  4. Must eat dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime.
  5. Avoid going to bed on an empty stomach.
  6. In the evening, drink less tea, coffee, but take a night walk for 10 minutes.

Do exercise daily and be Healthy

It is very important for us to exercise regularly to maintain our good health. Exercising daily keeps you fit, increases your immunity, keeps your mind calm, and because you remain stress-free, therefore, your heart also stays healthy.

Exercise for College Students
Image Courtesy:Amrutvahini College of Pharmacy

Exercising daily does not make you feel tired and you also get good sleep at night. While exercising, you must take full care of the points given below:

Wear the right type of clothes

Wear the right shoes so that your feet do not get hurt. Drink water regularly to stay hydrated, it will not make you feel weak either. Initially do warm-up exercises so that there is no strain on your muscles.

Follow these tips for personal hygiene

College, students often live in very large groups. You can become a victim of any contagious disease at any time. Therefore, personal hygiene or keeping yourself clean is very important for every college student. If you always keep your body clean then you will often be healthy.

Some important points of personal hygiene are as follows:

  • If you have met any sick person or otherwise, wash your hands properly with soap and water before eating every day.
  • Avoid sharing beverages with your friends, as germs easily spread by sharing liquids such as soft drinks, juices, and water.
  • If your hands are dirty, do not touch your nose, mouth, and eyes because the membranes present in these areas spread viruses and bacteria very easily.
  • You should get the vaccine from time to time to avoid any kind of seasonal flu.

Your mental health keeps you fit and happy

Stress, despair, and anxiety are the main causes of all diseases related to the heart. Therefore, to live a healthy and happy life, you should keep your mental health perfectly. Here are some important points for your mental well-being:

Do not let stress dominate you as it can cause problems like depression and depression.

If at any time you feel stressed, then take a break from your studies for some time and relax and start your studies again by refreshing.

Yoga and Meditation for Students
Yoga and Meditation is must for College Students

The hard truth of life is that you cannot please everyone.

Therefore, take care of your happiness first and be less worried about others, it will be good for your health. However, this does not mean that you become a selfish person. Instead of paying too much attention to your mistakes, try to correct them.

Enjoy your work to the fullest. This will increase your confidence and your mind will be relaxed.

All the above points are very important for the good health of every college student. Eat nutritious food daily, exercise, and get a full sleep. This will save you from daily tiredness and stress.

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